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the following is a reply to a Youtuber who replied here:

Said: I saw this when it came out with my friends who’d all been into the goa scene since the mid 90’s. We all thought it was sweet, but also pretty despicable. Psychedelics is not for everyone and this film is suited to lure innocent, naive weak minded people into a world they should probably stay away from.


I totally agree with you, Gjest and thank you for commenting. This is an important issue to be addressed! When I initiated the film, I was closing a chapter of my life – my time spend in Goa. The movie is an artistic expression of this closing period. Then I was very much on the mission to turn people on to what I thought was a way to a grand “awakening” (from the dream-matrix). A voice from the sky told me that I was supposed to make this film, so we did! Psychedelics certainly can lead to this initial awakening, as they did for me, but they are not safe for all to use and they are temporary means. When a person is not ready to receive this information it can backfire too. So yes, the way we made this film is bias in the sense that we are not showing the dark side of mind altering drugs. When I came out on the other side of the tunnel, decades later, I started writing a book about my experiences. In it, I share what I learned from my experiences, also what I realized about drugs, their benefits and dangers. I clarify why it is sensible to be careful with any type of substance use and abuse. It is helpful information for any person interested in this topic. Here is the link to this book: It was not our intention to mislead people with this movie. At the time, it was to create a balance to the bias media that had demonized psychedelics as a whole and completely ignored the potential benefits that can be gained from the sacred ceremonial use. We did not intent to leave out the dangers when we made this film. We just followed the artistic process that was completely channeled, with cosmic consciousness. When I advice people who are curious about psychedelics these days, I certainly make them aware of the potential dangers. However, most individuals still choose to do what they want and they thankfully come out on the other side just fine, apart from a few who do not do so well on psychedelic drugs. Even though, the percentage of those is rather small, the addiction issues to wanting to “get high” seems rather large. For example, it took me years to get out of it alive.

Hope this helps … keep on dancing, loving, and meditating.

With much love, Omananda

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