The first multimedia presentation and Omananda live performance took place in the Club of The Visionaries, in Berlin, in 1999. Back then, I vj’d (video live-mixed) my travel-videos while simultaneously dj’ing sounds I had recorded on my trips. Liquid Crystal Vision (a film produced by Omananda) was released in 2002. Numerous visual live shows followed in transformational festivals around the world, for example; at the Burning Man Festival, The Boom Festival, Gaia’n Mind, and many others.

As an author, film maker, producer, artist, world traveler, healer & visionary, I have inspired thousands of people around the world. After two decades of performing and producing, my latest additions in the artistic repertoire are multimedia presentations. These interactive workshops are a combination of photographs, videos, audio, sacred prayer, poetic spoken word and live music, all skillfully woven together. My intent is to create a mystical sensation in the audience, with cosmic associations, and to teach what I have learned by traveling around the world since 1989.

Every Omananda performance is unique, depending on location, theme, and the moment. To book me for your event, begin by filling out the form below.

* Read the preface of Transcendental Journeys – A Visionary Quest for Freedom, a fun and entertaining book I recently published.

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