Didgeridoo & Storytelling

The WORKSHOP: Didgeridoo & Storytelling (Dreamtime), hosted by Omananda, is a combination of:

  • Live-didgeridoo, sound-healing and sharing stories
  • What’s triggered in some participants, by Omananda, comes to the surface – into the conscious mind.
  • Those who are comfortable are encouraged to share with the group, in a circle, and elaborate on their experiences during dreamtime
  • The workshop’s host replies to stories that come up during the two hour workshop that has interludes of various segments of sound and healing. 
  • The connection between dream & reality is made in this participatory, communicative, healing, and collective experiment.
  • This unique workshop creates the container that allows wisdom to be shared. 
  • The possibility for total relaxation and Spirit to shine through is there.

Omananda’s expertise as a world traveler, mystic, and expressive, theatrical person comes into play during this workshop that is a surprise every time, as it depends on each participant’s input. Omananda is a sound-healer, a spiritual being, and a live-performance artist . Book Omananda to create this workshop in your event.

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