Traveling — The Real Life School

This story has been published in the book Transcendental Journeys – A Visionary Quest for Freedom by Omananda.

Traveling — The Real Life School

Jumpting Frog – Photography: Omananda

Inspired by the wandering sages of India, I made it part of my spiritual practice to travel twelve years continuously without the ability to stop at any one place for a longer time. With the following poetic words, I share what I have learned by doing that.

Traveling can be of irreplaceable value to any person who truly wants to understand. Spontaneous karmic situations offer meaningful life-lessons, which are individualized to everyone’s personal journey, while moving. Significant travel experiences might lead to the discovery of wisdom and often inspire the explorer to contemplate life and ones purpose in it. Wandering can be a healthy thing to get an outside perspective from the common way of looking at our immediate environment.

Normally, when living in one location, our actions repeat daily and weekly with habitual days and it is a matter of time before one falls asleep to the every day little wonders of life. In this way, year after year goes by faster and faster. Exploring a new place reveals something unique every time, possibly leading the voyager to gain insights and cultivate a perception that guides him or her to grow beyond mental expectations, observing rather than assuming.

With more life experiences comes further understanding, but it does not mean one has to travel the planet to fully understand the cosmic principles that govern our world. There are many ways of traveling that can be very interesting and equally valuable such as exploring the inner universes. However, experiencing radically different traditions might help to remove the boundaries within the mind that could have the power to limit a clear perception, through preconceived notions for example. Traveling is not a vacation. A traveler meets locals and converses with them to adapt and live the way they do.

We all travel somewhere together — right NOW! If it is through space and time on a planetary spaceship, constantly moving from the past through the present into the future, or on soul levels, from body to body, we all travel somewhere together in the cosmos on this beautiful planet. Our mother ship, the earth, hovers, seemingly suspended, while spinning around the solar system inside a galaxy that’s spiraling around its axis. The entire living totality is constantly moving and changing, from the atoms to the stars and we are all traveling through this space-time-continuum as ONE unit, whether we want to accept and realize it or not. Thus, we are all travelers, some more conscious than others.

The more of the real we truly see, the closer we are to being free! As long as something is seen only from within the rational mind alone, we cannot fully feel it. Without becoming one with it we only see half-truths. But who are those teachers in the real life-school that dwell within everybody’s heart?

I find it to be an absolute necessity on a spiritual life-path to discover the inner gurus that can guide the mystic traveler on life’s magical journey. By communicating with higher dimensional beings inside and around ourselves, we can cultivate an inner relationship with our teachers that can show us essential life laws that are not man-made. They can tell us tales of how cosmic energy moves and how to move cosmic energy. They plant seeds of an elevated consciousness within us, if we (let them) whisper angelical chants that create emotions, which carry us away from our present day into an ocean of immortality. Once we arrive here and now as empty vessels, happy and free, we are like joyful children that bathe in the breath of eternity.

There are different degrees of receptivity to one’s inner gurus. Some of us recognize the inner voice and ignore it. Others do not even hear it (any longer). In industrialized nations people are often too busy fulfilling self-perpetuating material agendas, in which case no time remains to silence the mind through uninterrupted moments of meditation for example that can help activate our natural sensitivity to be able to listen. However, there are many individuals that hear the inner voice loud and clear. They cannot ignore it any longer!

There are different ways of traveling! The choice depends on which realm to choose! One way is touring the planet. The other is to travel astral — as an inter-dimensional time-traveler that can also be the way of the shaman. The two go well together in combination, but one is much more effective, because it breaks though the limitations of time and space, thus enabling us to reach our destination much faster and furthering us on the path to nowhere, toward the here and now.


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