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Transcendental Journeys – A Visionary Quest for Freedom is the adventurous book by Omananda, a three decades world traveler telling a non-fictional story that takes readers on a visionary quest for freedom. Physical freedom was not enough to liberate Torsten E. Klimmer (aka Omananda) from the paralyzing conditionings of his mind. Intuitively, he knew there was more to life than he perceived or what he was told in school or by his parents. Shortly after Torsten’s world travels began, he was initiated into an ancient mysticism, in Asia . This mystical encounter irreversibly changed the course of his life and set the tone for gaining deeper knowledge. In an artistic, entertaining, and educational manner the author shares unconventional information in this book, about the power, potential, and the dangers of mind-altering drugs. In this extraordinary multimedia book, hyperlinked QR codes serve as journalistic evidence to provide easy access to film-shots and transcribed interviews.

Today, the human heart and our beautiful host planet suffer a great deal! Endless profit, insatiable greed, temporary gain, and senseless exploitation seem to justify all means. This places us, as a species, in a position that looks as if we have lost the sacred knowledge of our cosmic heritage. In this book, the author provides solutions how we can change collectively and not be trapped as a result of our prioritized, although commonly agreed-upon, monetary values that likely result from erroneous materialistic world-views.

A deeper understanding builds throughout this story. The writing style changes from biographical to philosophical and poetic. In the final chapter, the author elucidates easy-to-practice, non-religious, yet powerful, spiritual methods and exercises for personal transformation, with helpful hints and suggestions. Omananda furthermore shares his knowledge on the subject of drugs and their abuse. As a medical professional, he clarifies in simple terms for anyone, but especially those who should be all ears, even if they drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes, why what is considered normal or legal is not necessarily safe. For people with addiction issues and anyone interested in freeing themselves from internal and external struggles, this book holds great value!

Surely, most of us have the innate ability to fully bloom into the brilliance of our radiant, true nature. But we don’t mature well when we are purposefully misguided and get increasingly addicted to toxic stuff that bombards us from multiple angles, on mental and physical levels. Many of us scream for change, but most of us look for it on the outside, where we can get overwhelmed with so many possibilities and too much information. Overload! Life in the technological age is becoming increasingly complex. It’s not so easy to know why, what, or how to transform into becoming a more happier and joyful authentic human being. Confusion, lack of time, misdirected focus and scrambled attention often lead a person to give up before thoroughly investigating who we are, or what our actual life goals and deeper purposes might be? Even though, we are all born wondering about that! Perhaps, it is not too late to change – one person at a time? But are YOU ready? If not yet, reading or listening to Omananda’s book will inspire and entertain you. Give it a try? There is a 100% money-back guarantee for the first months of your purchase.


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