What is Transcendental Journeys?



This prophetic and enigmatic artful multimedia book, with photography and hyper-linked videos, urges people to free themselves. It inspires direct action towards the profound shift in perspective that is required today. Tired of the rat race? Want to get out, but don’t know how? The profound message in this book provides a key to the hidden pathway leading out of the maze.

This true story tells the tale of a three decades world traveler, who turned into a mystic on his visionary quest for freedom. The author’s unique viewpoints result from having grown up indoctrinated in an oppressive communist regime. Torsten E. Klimmer aka Omananda risked his life and escaped from East Germany, before the Berlin Wall fell. He swiftly realized after his escape that physical freedom was not enough to be liberated from the paralyzing conditionings of the mind. Somewhere on his transcendental journeys the author, artist and filmmaker began to comprehend that there is more to life than we commonly perceive, or what we’re told.

Omananda has been initiated into the mystery through various teachers, mystical near-death experiences and transcendental visions. The author has lived in close contact with indigenous medicine tribes that have used psychoactive healing plants since immemorial times. Integrative experiences with the medicine are described with visionary brilliance throughout many chapters, but especially in the second half of the book.

A deeper reasoning builds throughout the story. The language changes from the beginning towards the end, which goes hand in hand with the author’s character development. The book starts with a somewhat ordinary and ignorant, although curious, perspective and it ends with, well … that is open for you to find out.



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