What can we do to transform ourselves and help the planet evolve?

An old friend who’s life I once saved and who used to call me little master since the mid-nineties recently kept on asking what I think he should do (about the increasing uncertain situation in the USA and the world). He might have been triggered by something I posted called:

PCR positives: what do they mean?

I kept on ignoring the question for a few days, but Will (is his name) was persistent, so today I answered him. I would like to share my answer here, since it’s good advice (also for myself).

As an early retired English teacher, Will used to go to loads of raves back in the dayz. The picture above shows him before going to an illegal trance party with Luke – a younger friend I also met. Will is much older than me, but that never mattered, since he is young at heart. Through his English tutoring, I got better at writing and we stayed good friends ’til this day.

I first suggested to Will to listen to the most recent Omananda podcast episode, but he said he did and was still wondering what I think he should do, so, I said:

“You must feel that in your heart and move from any fear towards love and kindness, no matter what.
Don’t get stuck in politics, or 3-D.
And realize the essential nature of the Self.
Discard all else.
Watch the play of Lila in Maya, but don’t get entangled.
Watch it from above and move the assemblage point where the halo is.”

Will answered: “Thanks, I am, Om Nama Shivaya”?
& I replied: “Hare OM Tat Sat”.




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