Unify Equinox Peace Meditation

Greetings, fellow Earthlings.

The next Unify Equinox Peace Meditation is happening in five days and I am preparing a broadcasts for it from Scandinavia. If you are passionate about World Peace and capable of participating in your local area, please do so and have a look right away!

Check out the website: www.unify.org

Today, anyone can submit peace messages to the Unify network, even if it’s recorded with a mobile phone. So you can be creative and participate to UNIFY for World Peace NOW.
PS: Read this story from my book that explains how I participated in the creation of the Unify network that has become a non-profit organization in the USA to which you can send your tax deductible donations!

Oh by the way, watch this video that I pre-recorded in Oslo. I think it’s sweet …

UPDATE: Watch the Sri Vast Video that was broadcasted live:

With Love, Omananda

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