The US is not about liberty.

Ask any Native American about the American constitution and understand their viewpoint. It’s been built on lies and deceit and that has not stopped to this day. I’m glad you can smoke ganja and be happy in your little bubble, but many people in and outside America suffer a great deal from acts like 50% of taxes going directly to military expenditure, not to protect any American citizen, but (to expand) the corporation’s investments (MONEY). The US is not about liberty, and being healthy by using common sense, as witches have (wise women connected to nature), has nothing to do with political agendas. Everyone is so ridiculously divided that those in power have it easy to control the masses! Unite at the core by being love-based, rather than ruled by fear, and realize how simple and beautiful life can be. Perhaps when being calm and connected it’s still possible to apply common sense and make clear judgements based on love.

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