The Omananda Show

To describe the Workshop/Presentation Omananda shares some of his magical experiences as a three decades world-traveler in this entertaining & inspiring show . There will be interludes of shamanic live music & unbelievable, but true stories from the road of life.

The aim of the presentation is to: To share wisdom (from the heart) & to inspire people to live more conscious and aware (every day) lives, to fully awaken and to realize that how we think, speak, and (inter)-act shapes our planetary future. The more conscious and compassionate we are the better are our hopes of collective survival and of thriving in abundance, with joy, love, and harmony. This show not only gives tools, but it also uses practical on-site methods to realize that the dream is real.

Duration 2 hours

Technical support & requirements 3 microphones for the audience, 3 assistants passing those microphones, 2 microphones for the presenter and 1 stool. Video-projector ready … might be used, but not necessarily. One mini plug … into audio.
Environmental, social and spiritual awareness Absolutely. When we become conscious and compassionate awakened human beings, we automatically apply the momentary (truthful) information into all areas of life. Omananda teaches (through his appearance and through spiritual alignment methods) how to be conscious naturally. He uses presence, sound, stories and sharing wisdom to do so.
Any other information you wish to share When Omananda is performing live, Spirit channels through. This provides the information for the solutions that we seek to manifest. The presentation would be unpredictable to what will come through, but it’s certain that it would be absolutely stunning to experience this show and the bigger the audience the better.


Short Omananda Biography Omananda is an instrument of the Great Spirit, as he is guided by divine purpose. Omananda is the visionary producer who created the film: Liquid Crystal Vision ( He has performed mind-blowing Visual Light Shows in some of the greatest transformational festivals on Earth and he wrote the fascinating book: Transcendental Journeys – A Visionary Quest for Freedom. Omananda was the crucial element in launching, which has become one of the biggest synchronized meditation movements on Earth. He also spent many years with medicine-tribes in Mexico (the Huicholes) where he helped to create activist films and protect sacred land and the indigenous, shamanistic cultures. Omananda has traveled three decades around the world during which he lived in many different countries. He uses sound for healing, he holds workshops and he gives presentations wherever he goes.
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