The Duty

This story has been published in the book by Omananda: Transcendental Journeys – A Visionary Quest for Freedom


The Duty — Divine Purpose 

Scandinavian Forest – Photography: Omananda


  When the true meaning and reason for being born has been revealed, a great awakening results and personal will aligns with divine purpose. The German word “Beruf” means “profession,” and it forms the root of the German word “Berufung” that translates into “mission,” “vocation,” or “calling.”

  Would it not be ideal to make a living doing what we love to do? Sadly, this is not always the case and if we find ourselves looking at the watch while waiting until the shift is over so that we can resume living “our life,” we can be pretty sure we are not in the right position at that moment. People devoted to living according to the fundamental truth (of unconditional love) naturally connect to the source. Being moved by Great Spirit is the cosmic guidance that helps one find the higher calling.

  As we gradually find our place within the bigger picture through an innate process of alignment that is integrated in the code of our true nature, we automatically elevate planetary consciousness. A person experiences real contentment when accomplishing one’s given task in the evolutionary process. After we learn that we have a higher calling, we need to work toward accomplishing it and live according to this personal subjective truth.

  How do we receive these mysterious insights that can reveal secrets in each moment and show us what our personal duty is all about?

  One solution is aligned with an ancient Vedic answer contained in the Bhagavad Gita. The first time I did what I felt was the right work and I tapped into the unlimited source of energy it provides, I did not get tired. On the contrary, it gave me surges of energy! My worldly desires magically disappeared while I was actively pursuing life’s evolutionary mission and I understood that when we contribute in our unique way to the return of our mothership, we will remember who we are and find complete contentment while doing so.

  Holding the attention focused in the present moment, feeling the “golden thread,” and observing life through the heart’s mirror, secures one tightly. Learning steadily and directly from a creative internal source that morphs into tangible form and communicates in ever-unfolding riddles, reminds us of our cosmic heritage. This divine melody gives a glimpse of the “bigger picture” we are all a part of.

  Let cosmic love flow through you and cleanse you from within. Become an instrument of the divine that expresses itself with a beautiful smile and a twinkle in your eye. This shining inner light that glows brighter than ten thousand suns is our true nature and the essence of all life.

  When we learn how to let go of absolutely everything and are vulnerable, standing naked in brilliant radiance, the path we need to walk clearly illuminates. Just like a mountain spring emerges from deep within the earth to nurture life, the divine self also springs from within our bodies, to enrich everyone’s existence and create limitless abundance on all levels. Once we trust that flow and know by heart where to go, and when, all is perfectly aligned and well, as it ever has been, and always will be.


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