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Great Spirit aligns many of us in mysterious ways! When I met with one of the most relevant indigenous leaders of our time, Biraci Brasil Nixiwaka of the Yawanawa who has dedicated his life to rescuing his people, their culture and spirituality, I shared a 4-step systematic plan with him I had visualized for the responsible and widespread distribution of ancient sacred ceremonial technologies with master plants so that they could legally be used by anyone interested in them, on whatever societal level and in many countries. Some of the indigenous cultures have opened up to sharing their sacred ways, because they understood that if they don’t their world might be completely destroyed as we see in the case of the Amazon Rainforest that’s declining at an alarming rate.

When I asked this indigenous chief what he thought of this plan, he replied that it was exactly what he had visualized as well! Hearing such a powerful response from an outstanding individual who grew up deep in the rainforest where he had lived all his life and I had never been was the confirmation I needed to share this with the world. What follows is a short introduction to this systematic 4-step program that can be adapted world wide.

I visualize and encourage this plausible system of using ancient medicines outside the religious or medical framework that’s based on the wisdom of indigenous shamanic tribes who have traditionally used natural and psychedelic substances for thousands of years. It’s a basic human right for indigenous people to have safe and legal access to these mind-altering and consciousness-expanding sacraments. The naturally occurring shamanistic herbs are sometimes prepared into a tea in kitchen-laboratories and slightly altered chemically — a bit more complex than the preparation of LSD from ergot (the fungus). I strongly feel that these concoctions could be made legally available for relatively healthy individuals who are interested in their effects on their bodies and their minds under the condition of pre-screenings that can be performed by experts, who would eventually serve as guides in the ceremonial settings. Some of this is happening already around the world, but under the radar and illegally. A change of the (man-made) laws on UN and federal (country) levels are required to implement this plan.

Yes, it is entirely possible and within reach, even necessary, to collectively manifest an awakened and enlightened civilization. All biological keys to unlocking the higher human potential are designed for a very specific purpose within this game of life. Why would The Creator have created these plants for us on this planet in the first place and designed our bodies with the receptors to feel and effects of the chemical components present within these plants? Surely, reconnecting with our inner and outer natural core is a must for any of us who care to live a happy life. It’s almost as if we don’t have another evolutionary choice than realizing who we truly are and what we are capable of! My question is, “How many lifetimes does it take to realize the basics?” The timeline surely accelerates with the help of existing and newly developing sacred ceremonial technologies and master plants that are greatly needed to advance towards our next evolutionary step and evolve in due time!

Sacramental plants and fungi bundled with prayer, music, creative expression, spiritual practices of all sorts, like yoga, meditation and breathing exercises, are indeed important forms of medicine for humanity that can help a healthy individual and the group they are sharing it with to tap into the life-giving source and thus, become potentially freed from spiritual ignorance.

Energetic and emotional blockages that prevent access to the universal life force and its higher vibration are often removed during potent healing ceremonies. Good shamanic medicines are strong, ancient and incorruptible, but the real healing always comes from experiencing unconditional, cosmic and divine love in the present moment, which needs no mind-alteration whatsoever. So, if you are, or anyone else is, already there, simply discard the following plan (or this book entirely). For those people who are still suffering from not knowing what’s up and them being confused about the world and getting lost in drug addictions and so forth, it could help them incredibly to connect nearly instantly to find great relief with the sight of the light in the end of the tunnel that is the love of the Almighty!


Indigenous people and their medicine cultures who have preserved their knowledge of ancient sacred ceremonial technologies, their songs, languages, and prayers are financially supported and internationally encouraged to empower their cultures and other indigenous peoples’ way by sharing their wisdom through various international intercultural exchange-programs. These happenings that could very much look like Pow-Wows, festivals, symposiums, and private events would serve as the perfect production stage for creating and preserving a human database of ancient wisdom. Text-publications, audio, and video files with live-streams could be created from these events, and later be accessed from anywhere in the world through the Internet, by content providers and users. This would become an expressive teaching platform throughout an ever-evolving planetary network. I see this to be a non-profit service to humanity.

ACTION PLAN —  Step Number TWO

A global council is formed by prominent spiritual leaders of different native peoples. Such a council is already in the process of being studied together with ANIWA which has already held an event with various native leaderships in July of 2017 in Ibiza, Spain.  

The indigenous people open to share with the non-indigenous population are invited to travel to the Western world and elsewhere to hold medicine ceremonies outside the indigenous communities. Indigenous people need to legally be protected to hold medicine ceremonies outside the indigenous communities. The United Nations already has a legal document that supports indigenous people traveling across international borders with their sacraments, which are often natural herbs that alter consciousness to a cosmic level. Although these UN laws are not enforced by any country, they serve as general guidelines when entering customs with a special letter by the UN that promises to legally protect indigenous people when they are carrying otherwise scheduled substances.

A meeting hosted in 2017 by the royal family of Norway in Oslo called upon high-ranking delegates of all major religions from around the world. They spent a few days together to discuss, and ultimately agree on, a declaration of (religious) tolerance and respect. Biraci Brasil Nixiwaka of the Yawanawa and his wife and son were also present during this meeting. As representatives of indigenous medicine cultures from around the world, they clarified that they too have used certain practices to access divine and godly dimensions. The sacred medicines they use (ayahuasca and others) have been included in the document as legitimate religious sacraments. Everyone signed the declaration.

When medicine-ceremonies are protected internationally, non-indigenous individuals using these ancient medicines by applying shamanic technologies in traditional ceremonial frameworks could also have a safe and direct experience that teaches them about the natural order of things. Some indigenous cultures have preserved their ancient ways of life and they still know how to live in harmony with nature. They can teach that to non-indigenous people who did not grow up with the awareness of a tribal consciousness that includes all individuals of the extended family.

We are all native people on this Earth and we have expanded to the Global Earth Tribe that we are today. The essential tribal consciousness that is innate to any human being can be all inclusive.


Non-indigenous people are initiated to various aspects of a particular shamanic tradition by indigenous medicine people and in this way learn from indigenous cultures. These initiates are taught specific methods to undergo a similar process an indigenous person needs to, before they would receive the necessary degree through the blessing by the indigenous medicine people to also create the protected space for others who would be interested in using master plants in ceremonies.

For this to happen, an umbrella network needs to be established where certain details are refined on who can, and who cannot, officially hold medicine circles and carry the sacraments. These non-indigenous people would eventually also need an official license to carry the medicine internationally and hold circles in various countries.

The importance of such a network is to protect the medicine cultures and the innocent people interested in using these potent plant teachers and ancient technologies from charlatans and shaman look-likes who sometimes misuse their power while administering powerful psychedelic plants for personal gain, sexual favors, power, profit, black magic, and so forth.

It is also to be noted that there are many people, myself included, who just ate psychedelics without any preparation or ceremony and realized that there is more to life that what we are told. It must also be considered that we all belong to the Earth and have the right to taste the fruits of the gods.

ACTION PLAN —  Step Number FOUR:

Specific curricula are invented through the collaboration of indigenous and non-indigenous medicine people. These teaching-programs, based on various indigenous medicine cultures and their sacred healing plants, would outline the systematic process of how schools could function as part of this cultural and international educational network. One curriculum for each tradition would then be created and preserved.

In this way, sacred shamanistic technologies of ancient medicine cultures could be integrated into educational platforms and create the possibility for individuals to participate at an appropriate age in any type of medicine ceremony, as long as they are mentally and physically fit to do so. Universities and common schools would guarantee proper guidance through the right education by expert personnel. This includes preparation for initiation and integration of (optional) integral psychiatry, but also open communication with the concentration on personal awakening, self-realization, harm reduction, and purity of experience.

This system could be included as part of the spiritual education and be widely made available as non obligatory in many legal settings. Humanity could greatly benefit from this. Not only would we have less drug addicts, but we’d also have a more healthy and sane society over all. However crazy this might sound to you right now, it could very well be one way towards achieving an abundant future worth living for all. And most importantly, using such a system would speed up the evolutionary process of mankind. Isn’t that what we need today?


* This story has been published in Transcendental Journeys – A Visionary Quest for Freedom, the multimedia book by Omananda

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