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  I look at global proportions as far as communities are concerned and I see us all being part of one large organism that does not end with the earth’s ionosphere. The biggest VJ gig I ever played was at the release of the UNIFY-campaign that creates synchronized global events on solstices, equinoxes, and global peace prayer days with the focus on celebrating our shared humanity around the world. We intended to receive video signals during launch that followed the moments of sunrise on winter solstice 2012. Our media-crews were prepared to send live-streams from various locations around the world where the sun was rising. But, the California crew had thinned out steadily as budgets vaporized and only a handful of individuals devoted to manifesting this beautiful vision remained in the end. Even I had booked a flight to Tulum when something beyond my control made me miss it. I had planned to spend Christmas and New Years in Mexico, but the flights were cancelled. I was mysteriously deployed in San Francisco in a media warehouse, where no one besides myself was capable or ready for the humongous task of mastering the technical hurdle of operating a professional high-end TV studio in the last minute and on the fly. This was the final frontier for us reaching hundreds of thousands of people at one time.

  When it came to it, I mixed live feeds from places such as Jerusalem where Palestinian people prayed with Jews at a sacred altar for world peace and from the Pyramids of Giza. You can watch the recorded live stream at:

We had prepared music videos with peaceful messages from stars like MC Yogi, Michael Jackson, and many others, to help unify people in the worldwide awakening process that many expected to reach crucial proportions during that time-period. The druids in Stonehenge video-streamed powerful messages, and here is what they had to say:

  “We call for the people of the world to unite with one voice and demand that their governments adapt what may be called, The Stonehenge Message, a three point plan for world peace, an end to economic slavery, and a greener planet. We call on the leaders of all and of no faith to support such a call. The people, the common folk of all nations, brothers and sisters, for governments of no faith, we call upon to implement The Stonehenge Message! 

  Let us choose freedom, peace and light over war, famine, pestilence, and death. The cessations of all hostilities, at home or abroad, to take immediate effect. Eradicating wars! The writing off of all international and national debt. So no nation is indebted to another, seen or unseen. And with it the instigation of a livable international minimum wage to combat poverty and to bring an end to slave labor and exploitation. To bring about an end to starvation and to combat the hold and fear or famine across the world and to encourage self sufficiency across the nations now! See the immediate investment in green renewable energy resources in order to combat pestilence and death and to protect our home, Mother Earth!

  We call on the peoples to support these demands, much of the parliaments in sufficient numbers and they will be forced to listen! Do nothing and nothing will change! 

  This is yours, a brave new dawn, or just another day. Personally, go for a brave new dawn! Freedom!” — everyone yelling loud and long … inside the sacred stones of Stonehenge. 

  There were signals from Chichen Itza, where Mexchica tribal dancers performed ritual dances. A large Earth-dance event in Byron Bay sent us a really nice live-feed from their sunrise prayer. Everything I mixed together instilled a lot of hope for a positive and peaceful global change and I got to watch the sunrise moments in many places around the world over and over again on this magical solstice day.

  All people are invited to participate in what became the Guinness Book of World Record’s biggest synchronized worldwide mediation (UNIFY). Anyone can host local ceremonies to pray and align with Source in their own ways. It is the UNIFY movement’s conviction that we are One Human Family and that this relatedness transcends race, religion, and nationality. By unifying, we can become a living demonstration of how our underlying Emerging Planetary Culture embraces the interdependence and well-being of all life. The main focus of Unify is to help the process of manifesting World Peace Through Inner Peace.

  Come & UNIFY with us!


* This story has been published in the book Transcendental Journeys – A Visionary Quest for Freedom by Omananda.

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