Spearfishing & killing

I used to fish myself and I am a good fisherman! It is a lot of fun to feed yourself from nature. As a kid, I spearfished successfully. Then I learned that all religions have one moral teaching in common; “Thou shall not kill.” Yet, everyone does it – even in the name of God. In the bible it says that God (Great Spirit) has given man all fruit-bearing seeds to feed him/herself. That was enough information for the average intelligent homo sapiens, such as me, to make sense of spearfishing and killing. Now I choose coconuts, fruits, nuts and seeds. Also very nice! So, I forgot about killing and started to love instead – ALL as ONE. When you kill, you become the kill! When you hunt you are the hunted. When you truly love, you become … LOVE.

Hola ?
Someone can teach me how to spearfishing ?
I really want to learn for years now and I dont want to buy the gun if I’m not sure I’m strong enough to use it (physically and mentally ?)
I’ll pay for the lessons of course.
Thankyou ?


Omananda Response (read above)

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