Solstice Greetings & Unify Week

It’s been a while I have not blogged or podcasted, because I’ve been so busy in total isolation here in Panama, where I currently reside. This solstice weekend is huge for those who enjoy connecting with others online. More about that in a moment, but first, some solstice reflections …

We are still in full lockdown here in Panama. It started in mid-March. I am in solitary (confinement) isolation since. All travels are shut down and I use this time for reflection, recalibration, and for creative expression. Having traveled 29 years around the world left me with an aloof perspective and I am using thankfulness and grace practice to staying positive throughout the transformations that happen inside-out.

Not cuddling, dancing with others and being together socially – for real – has had its ups and downs. My dreams have started to balance this. Every night I am traveling in my dreams, having the most interesting experiences with cool people.

I spoke to my mum, who had a big accident (but she’s well recovering), about the situation which is creating more and more uncertainty for many people around the world. She always says that we can’t do anything about it as individuals, but I know we can. We can change our consciousness and become more conscious, empathic, and compassionate beings.

I know becoming more empathic can be hard too, because when one starts feeling what’s happening – the planet under siege by the human virus – it’s incredibly painful and easier to ignore the massive mess we humans have created and keep on creating, like the plastic oceans. There are very simple solutions to take towards eradicating these grand ecological disasters that I can see, but the contemporary socio-political structure does not allow action to be taken in the right direction, because the foundation of this dysfunctional system, which is ruining the planet, is rotten at the basis. It has gone totally off-course, with non-essential priorities, being based on fear, scarcity and exploitation, instead of love, abundance (sharing) and care-taking.

Politicians think mostly about money (economy), how to get it, distribute it, pocket it, and keep on getting it by making laws and supporting those who lobby their interests and vice-versa. What we call democracy is not a functional democracy. It’s not people who are chosen to care for the people that take care of the people. It’s people in power-positions who lobby the interests of multinational corporations that do not care for our planet. This system, unless it is changed rapidly, will ultimately drive us all against each other, into civil war, and create more natural disasters, pestilence, death, and annihilation. Can we – the people – stop that? It’s unlikely that the uneducated, scared and unconscious mass can make any move into the right direction – towards peace, love, unity, and ecology-based thinking. The mass must awaken! This is our only hope of survival and thrival. Otherwise, the mass gets more controlled by those who milk the herd.

Earth has been under attack and it’s going into critical phase. We all have a responsibility to change (ourselves). And how can we do that? We must get the signal and heed the call. How to change the consciousness? Simple … follow the inner guide, the little voice inside you, and act on it as much as possible, and slowly slowly, you’ll be back on track – towards love.

When I look at myself, I look at how I can spend my money consciously and how to consciously make it. I can buy as little plastic as possible and get local stuff for food, make my own products, as I do, and apply that to most aspects of life; cosmetics, cleaning products, most nutritional elements, transportation, the water, and reducing – reusing – recycling. I wash all plastic bags, as I grew up doing in East Germany. This might seem to be little, but if I can manage to reduce my garbage and everyone would do that, the pile would get a lot smaller. My garbage is 90% compostable.

What did I realize lately? To do everything for a sacred purpose. I am working in that direction – to think, speak and act always with positivity, or remain silent. What you just read might have not sounded too positive, but the essential must be addressed somehow.

I am saddened to see how humans treat our beautiful Earth. I am not really sad, because the happiness of the core-essence of the star being prevails. It transcends time and space. It is indestructible and in that sense dissolves all fear into and through love. But still, I feel the suffering that can not be ignored. It does not mean I become the suffering, because I choose to perceive beauty and become that instead. I can thank Guruji Sri Vast for inspiring that conscious choice within the cosmic being.

I was about to promote an event called Earthdance in this message. I have been connected with this organization that promotes the global PEACE economy. Should it not be ecology? Aren’t all structures based on communication – even that of money? Isn’t that what money is or really should be? Energy! Life should not be for sale. Money is a trading element that makes it possible to exchange energy, but could we not just bypass money and go directly to energy (exchange)?

There is enough money printed on this planet that if it were directed towards the right manifestations, we all could live in a paradise right now. For this we’d need to know about the flow of energy (consciousness). Understanding unity consciousness would enable us all to share what we know by heart. This is the way forward – towards a fruitful future for all, without benefiting a few. Soon it will all be computer-managed and we better program those machines to work for us instead of against us.

A species we are – so obsessed with death – that we shut down our entire planet from our ruthless economy that’s based on paper money we attach value to, from the threat of a virus that after half a year has not even killed (officially) half a million human beings. How many cows do we kill for food every year? How many ocean creatures do we fish out and kill every year? How many species are lost due to habitat destruction because we keep on killing. Yet, we are so afraid of dying.

If we truly were an intelligent species, we could realize that we must stop what we do to the Earth – the killing and the raping and the exploitation for profit and greed! Karma tells us that whatever we do, we get more of. We kill. We are killed. If we don’t want to die, we better stop killing, because as a result of us doing the wrong deeds, we’ll all die (sooner or later). You could argue that killing is part of life when you look at nature for example. I’ve been collecting Mangos here. So yummy, and nobody dies.

Thankfully, there are inspiring events with unusual people who can see a future full of positivity, where we are not controlled by AI-nano-drone warfare, or injected with vaccines against our will, or having to take the consequence of not being vaccinated, or being fried on cellular levels. Those people who think positive sometimes believe in a 5D realm, where we don’t have bodies any longer and we are pure energy. To get there, however, we apparently must be 100% fear-free, or our imagination could create havoc. Is this possible – to be made of light? Are there aliens on this planet who don’t want to harvest us, but help us? Is there another reality – a quantum realm – where we can be totally free and create at will? Maybe.

The following is an event with very cool speakers on the horizon you might want to check out. It could clarify some of this for you.

PS: If you want to stay healthy during this Corona crisis, read my essential book on how to, or listen to the audiobook. Science is just catching up with what I’ve published more than a month ago.

& I finally put my photography together, with spiritual poetry that I created over a period of thirty years during my world travels. It’s super beautiful and creatively 90% finished. I will print this (upcoming) book in this year. The following page of this book is not in full resolution. But you can see it well.

Enjoy Life … & Happy Summer Solstice 2020.

Big Hugs, Omananda.

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