Snow Valley — Angelical Higher Education

* The following are excerpts from Transcendental Journeys – A Visionary Quest for Freedom, a book by Omananda

  In the blink of an eye I saw an interactive aliveness that made me see the cosmic web that interconnects everything. I experienced a vision of unity and totality and intuitively knew that IT (the All-aware Being) expressed itself through everything simultaneously. The material dimension did not exactly dissolve into nothing, but millions, trillions of internal realities unfolded right in front of me. I had never experienced such multi-dimensionality. I became fully aware of multiple parallel universes that hosted a variety of unique life forms. The earthly, material and external reality was only one of those dimensions within infinite galaxies. I could perceive nothing with my external physical senses since my internal visions were so blinding.

  Suddenly, light beings presented themselves to me. They had no particular form, but they were glowing. These subdivisions of the “ONE” appeared like holographic droplets of the whole! They emanated unconditional love with their presence that cleansed every cell of my being. I trusted them fully and offered myself in delight, showing them deep respect. I surrendered with all the love I had and bowed at their feet.

  These angelical light-beings started to communicate clearly in a language I could understand. They said that all the things I had done in my life until that point created the situation of them revealing themselves to me. If I was willing to give them complete control of my imagination, they could take me on a cosmic ride. Although this sounded full-on to me at that moment, I fully trusted my instincts and transcended my fear. I had already died once, so what did I have to lose? I sensed an incredible opportunity for personal growth, so I gave them permission to enter and before I knew it, I flew!

  Once I allowed them to fully take hold of my imagination they gave me their vision of wisdom, with teachings of the full universal truth. They cracked the code for me, so I was allowed to embody and see with an individual perception of what really happens, anywhere at any time, behind the scenes. They showed me how it feels to view life for what it really is and I felt repeatedly blessed and humbled over and over again, as I expressed my gratitude.

  Instantly, a shift in perspective from the personal to the universal elevated me to another level. I found myself sitting on a school bench in class in another dimension. Teachers were instructing the few of us who attended this lesson of angelical higher education. This virtual place offered a multitude of experiences in an instant.

  A tube-like empty space stretched from deep within the earth to high up into the cosmic sky and I was traveling through this hollow transparent tubing space as if going up in an elevator at light speed. With every conscious breath I took, hundreds of realities unfolded simultaneously. They grew out as animated tree branches would grow from a trunk of a tree — the tubing space. In one breath, I experienced several hundred realities in the form of these tree branches. Wherever the growth of the branch was happening in the present moment, I saw a virtual window with a life form, or incarnation, with which I felt a personal identity. I could be any sort of creature in one breath, either animal or human, and I was always born anew in the beginning of the next breath. I then lived a full life that ended with my death in that specific life form, when the breath finished. Each breath hosted two to three hundred of such simultaneous evolving incarnations.

  I projected my personal karma onto the branched realities and moved through them by making decisions in a similar pattern, based on my psychological program, as I would have in ordinary physical reality. I still acted out of my mental conditioning and sometimes projected selfish motives onto the virtual life-forms I embodied. Every time I made a decision in any of these virtual lives, the tree branches divided into different possibilities, creating splits. The clones of these evolving and projecting life-forms dream-embodied my choices and in this way, I witnessed the direct and immediate results of my actions. Whenever I acted without compassion or empathy, an angel pointed out with the loveliest voice what I had failed to do in the most proper and pure manner and they would then replay the exact scenario to show me how to perform the same action with unconditional love and compassion.

  I experienced the virtual reality with a multitude of light beings talking to me simultaneously and my sense of “I” in all of the incarnations. Possibilities quickly repeated themselves, not as the exact same scenarios, but as part of the randomness of life. Similar circumstances transpired quickly and I noticed that what I was taught in a previous breath in any of those countless dimensions, allowed me to apply the positive changes I had learned in the next breath to whatever life form I incarnated into. I was hyper-aware and deprogrammed at light speed by these incredible, faceless, and ego-less beings!

  I did not attach myself to any of these realities, especially the one of my physical body that should have been freezing. The water on the ground was frozen, but I managed to stay connected to the silence of an inner peace that lay beyond the chaos. As a result, neither the cold nor any possible fear or thought processes were distracting me from paying full attention to what was being taught.

  I was able to experience in one breath what I could have not done in a hundred years living in the physical dimension. I realized that I learned so much during this night with the graceful guidance of these light beings that this would have been impossible to achieve with any other practice in a single lifetime. Calculating an estimation of 250 incarnations per breath into six hours of spiritual guidance comes to over a million virtual lives lived!

  Giving yourself to the light beings is like a little death and traveling through space felt like going on autopilot in a spaceship across the universe — the cosmic self. Becoming one with an “alien” life form, or dissolving completely into another being, human or otherwise, demands total faith, trust, and the capacity to surrender every single bit of what you thought you were. The angelical aliens or alien-angels acted like caretakers who did their duty in selfless devotion. They seemed like messengers from a higher force sometimes called Divine Love, Consciousness, the Cosmic Spirit, or even God.

  The visual imagery I experienced was beyond any description other than pure, ineffable beauty. Celtic tunnels and a temple landscape with faces of various creatures that ranged from the lightest to the darkest areas of the universal mind, without excluding any colors, seemed like the ongoing theme. Traveling through that hollow transparent tube could have been the inside of my energy body. I saw countless universes within this cosmic self being born, transforming and then dying. Dwelling in these kinds of spaces comes with a feeling of utter joy, unity, and freedom! Tremendous healing takes place when being cradled in the womb of the Universal Mother.

  By the end of this incredible and mind-bending mysterious session of traveling at light speed through the hollow transparent tube, this powerful experience eventually stopped and I found myself back at the elevated school bench. “So, do you have any questions?” the teacher asked in that higher universe-ity. I indeed had a few questions I always wanted to ask and they were answered very specifically!



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