Reset yourself during the next new moon.

On the 16th of October, 2020, at night it’s supermoon during new moon that’s perfect to reset yourself and restructure your reality anew. After that you can start by planting positive seeds of healthy patterns, like conscious breathing, total devotion and surrendering (aligning) your personal will with divine purpose that can reveal the true reason for being born (in the present moment). To live that you’ll need faith and trust into the higher calling that can guide you through your emotional guidance system.

The cycle until full moon that happens to be on the 31st of October is perfect for changing your destiny radically. On a side-note, by writing “you” I refer to myself as well, as I truly mean “one” as in anyone. 

This ever-unfolding (spiritual) process can be a lot of fun! Remember, we are the miracle to be discovered the moment we enter into the DIVINE (cosmic intelligence). Self-realization happens by divine grace and initiation, but only if one is destined to realize it in this life(time). You can pray for it with your innocent heart and if this is all you want and all other wants are secondary to this desire to know (the truth), then the path becomes increasingly clear, to the silent observer – the eye am love/truth/consciousness/bliss.

Omananda, Oct. 11th, 2020

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