When Dream and Reality Merge into ONE (eBook as epub)

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Omananda has had direct contact with ancient, indigenous medicine tribes that have used psychoactive cacti and other herbal plants since immemorial times. The healing prayer-ceremonies in which these natives utilize those psychotropic concoctions are an integral aspect and the foundation for their colorful and artistic lives. Ceremonial rites and integrative experiences with the medicine are described with visionary brilliance throughout many chapters of this book.

Drug addiction is addressed in this book in context of successful harm-reduction practices, with suggestions of smart drug-policy updates. The author introduces unique plans for preventing scheduled substance abuse that is on epidemical levels in most Western countries, while simultaneously advocating the legalization of mind-altering and sacred herbs under controlled conditions, outside the pharmaceutical, medical, or religious framework. In simple terms, it is clarified for anyone and especially those who should be all ears even if they only drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes, why what is considered normal or legal is not necessarily safe.

Solutions for humanity and simple easy to follow non-religious practices for personal transformation are listed in the final chapter of this book.

Furthermore, the author writes about how he made activist films that helped to kick out billion-dollar mining companies from Mexico that were in direct violation of the law. Indigenous cultures were threatened and the lives of animal and plant species were endangered. WWF protected natural zones and human lives were saved during this critical and dangerous mission.

Omananda also shares how he was a crucial aspect of another important peaceful activist movement that turned into the biggest synchronized worldwide meditation in the Guinness Book of Records. The United Nations Human Rights Film Festival screened an Omananda film and the reasons for the filmmaking efforts are detailed from behind the scenes in this informative part of this magical and non-fictional eBook.