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This true story of a three decades world traveler who turned into a mystic on his visionary quest for freedom carries a profound message. This book with QR codes to hyperlinked videos and websites is prophetic and enigmatic.

The author’s unique viewpoints result from having grown up indoctrinated in an oppressive communist regime. Torsten E. Klimmer aka Omananda risked his life and escaped from East Germany, before the Berlin Wall fell. He swiftly realized that physical freedom was not enough to be liberated from the paralyzing conditionings of the mind. Somewhere on his transcendental journeys the author, artist and filmmaker began to comprehend that there is more to life than we commonly perceive, or what we’re told.

The visionary writings of Omananda inspire direct action towards the profound shift in perspective that is required today. Discoveries in exotic places and other-worldly dimensions are slowly revealed during this nonfictional cosmic adventure that offers an exciting view into the visual, spiritual, and practical possibilities available to anyone with an open mind.

A deeper reasoning builds throughout the book. The language changes from the beginning towards the end, which goes hand in hand with the author’s character development. The final chapter lists easy-to-practice, yet, powerful, non-religious, spiritual methods and exercises for personal transformation.