Agave Didgeridoo in B2 & D3, with organic bag & shipping included

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Limited Edition: Agave Didgeridoo Harvested Sustainably and Hand Crafted by Omananda.Musical Key B2 (Drone) with Trumpet Sound in D3. The non-toxic materials are superior in performance and sound.The non-toxic materials are superior in performance and sound. *Price includes shipping & organic bag.

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Limited Edition: Agave Didgeridoo #13 Hand Crafted by Omananda professionally tuned to musical Key B2 (Drone) and (first) Trumpet Sound in D3. The 30 mm Oak mouthpiece is coated just like the instrument (inside out) with non-toxic SafeResin epoxy that is superior in strength & sound. This Musical Instrument has been harvested sustainably with prayers. Watch the video how it was made:

The wood has been hollowed with fire and it was never sawn apart. The price includes an organic bag.

This didgeridoo has been coated (inside out) with advanced SafeResin technology that brings together both natural and traditional components whose resulting chemistry minimizes harmful toxins associated with ordinary epoxy while maintaining or enhancing product performance characteristics. The coating is ten times stronger than regular epoxy. Anyone purchasing an epoxy treated instrument should be aware that many agave and bamboo didgeridoo makers do not care enough about the epoxy they use. Breathing heavily while playing didgeridoo very much requires non-toxic air as a must! (VOC) Volatile Organic Compounds are organic chemicals that have a high vapor pressure at ordinary room temperature. The pricey resin we work with is one of the most expensive and best on the market. The transparent material has an exceptionally high flash point of 357° F (lab tested), meaning it can withstand high amounts of heat without liquifying or leaking (poison).

Playing didgeridoo is often a spiritual practice as it connects the player with the natural frequency of the Earth. Agave didgeridoos are not inferior to aboriginal (eucalyptus) instruments. On the contrary! The light weight, the clear and powerful sound and its deep vibration give agave the advantage of being an ideal sound healing tool and musical instrument. Agave also looks beautiful and this instrument has been crafted into works of art.

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