Transcendental Journeys – A Visionary Quest for Freedom
is a book by Omananda aka Torsten E. Klimmer –

Visionary Multimedia Book with-®Evolutionary Message

Humanity has to free itself from old paradigms and rigid patterns. This book points in that direction.

2018: Omananda has published the non-fictional book, multimedia eBook, and related website, Transcendental Journeys – A Visionary Quest for Freedom (in English).

This autobiographical travel book goes through the life of world traveler and filmmaker Torsten E. Klimmer aka Omananda. It begins with the chilling and detailed description of how the author escaped the oppressive communist regime of East Germany before the Berlin Wall fell. Readers then encounter three decades of wildly entertaining reading material in this insightful work of literature, poetry, art, film, and photography. After escaping, and on his subsequent travels around the world, Omananda is driven by a burning desire for freedom. He observes that human beings are not sufficiently conscious enough to implement basic, yet necessary, changes that could catalyze a transformation from the current destructive cycle into a peaceful abundance. The book clarifies how people can free themselves by knowing what is real. This prophetic vision inspires action towards the profound shift in perspective that is required today. The author makes a statement with this publication, that in order to preserve the natural balance for life on planet earth, each individual has to wake up and become a responsible, well-educated, fully conscious co-creator of reality.

Author Bio

Torsten E. Klimmer

grew up in East Germany where he worked against the oppressive communist regime with the aim to free his people. He escaped from the GDR before the Berlin Wall fell and has traveled the world ever since. He has lived in Mexico for many years where he created films that helped save an indigenous ethnic group and protect a wildlife zone. In 2002 he published Liquid Crystal Vision. Torsten performed as a visual artist by the name of Omananda, skillfully guiding people during non-ordinary states of consciousness. He helped to launch in 2012.

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  • A fascinating read that will probably raise some eyebrows among the uninitiated and bring back fond memories for other world travelers, ecstatic dancers and trippers. Torsten has also drawn some remarkable conclusions from his life experiences about how the world could change to benefit its inhabitants. After reading this book from cover to cover, I must say that I look forward to reading about the author's next adventures.


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  • Torsten E. Klimmer (aka Omananda)
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