Transcendental Journeys – A Visionary Quest for Freedom
is a book by Omananda aka Torsten E. Klimmer –

Visionary Multimedia Book with-®Evolutionary Message

Humanity has to free itself from old paradigms and rigid patterns. This book points in that direction.

2018: Omananda has published the non-fictional book, multimedia eBook, and related website, Transcendental Journeys – A Visionary Quest for Freedom (in English).

This autobiographical travel book goes through the life of world traveler and filmmaker Torsten E. Klimmer aka Omananda. It begins with the chilling and detailed description of how the author escaped the oppressive communist regime of East Germany before the Berlin Wall fell. Readers then encounter three decades of wildly entertaining reading material in this insightful work of literature, poetry, art, film, and photography. After escaping, and on his subsequent travels around the world, Omananda is driven by a burning desire for freedom. He observes that human beings are not sufficiently conscious enough to implement basic, yet necessary, changes that could catalyze a transformation from the current destructive cycle into a peaceful abundance. The book clarifies how people can free themselves by knowing what is real. This prophetic vision inspires action towards the profound shift in perspective that is required today. The author makes a statement with this publication, that in order to preserve the natural balance for life on planet earth, each individual has to wake up and become a responsible, well-educated, fully conscious co-creator of reality.

Author Bio

Torsten E. Klimmer

grew up in East Germany where he worked against the oppressive communist regime with the aim to free his people. He escaped from the GDR before the Berlin Wall fell and has traveled the world ever since. He has lived in Mexico for many years where he created films that helped save an indigenous ethnic group and protect a wildlife zone. In 2002 he published Liquid Crystal Vision. Torsten performed as a visual artist by the name of Omananda, skillfully guiding people during non-ordinary states of consciousness. He helped to launch in 2012.

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  • A Fascinating Read About an Extraordinary Time and Life. A fascinating read that will probably raise some eyebrows among the uninitiated and bring back fond memories for other world travelers, ecstatic dancers and trippers. Torsten has also drawn some remarkable conclusions from his life experiences about how the world could change to benefit its inhabitants. After reading this book from cover to cover, I must say that I look forward to reading about the author's next adventures.

    Alice Dee Activist & Writer
  • Adventurous search for truth. Truely an enlightening read for our times. Sharing his life of mystical psychedelic spiritual awakenings and adventures in his search for truth. Taking us all around the globe, begining with an daring escape from former communist East Germany at a young age, to hanging out with Sadhus in India. This book draws you in and it’s hard to put down. Well done Torsten.

  • A great read!!! A great read from a truly visionary. Torsten Klimmer has succeeded in telling his stories full of humor, wisdom and insight that takes you on adventures around the globe. I’m sure everyone will enjoy this book and be left with a feeling of joy and hope for the future. Well done!!!

    Stein Musical Producer & Tattoo Artist
  • Highly recommend! A unique and fascinating read by a dedicated world traveler and explorer of consciousness.

  • Great story (thanks for sharing) but geez what a terrible ... Great story (thanks for sharing) but geez what a terrible writing style! Reads like a Schulaufsatz, in horrible English.

  • Travelogue for the inner and outer adventurer. I find Transcendental Journeys- a visionary quest for freedom very fascinating to read as Omananda is writing in a fun, exciting and captivating way, pinpointing essential details. I find my self floating away yet present with a buzz and butterflies in my tummy as I let myself immerse in well articulated descriptions of his amazing lifejourney, awakening my own hunger for adventure to inner and outer realms and destinations. It sure does awake the question; what do I really wanna do with my life, as well as gratitude for my own life, who I am and my own achievements. Thank you so much!

    Even Awakening
  • Exciting auto-biographical story full of exciting adventures. I loved this booked. It took me on a journey all around the world with so many adventures. It inspired me so much I couldn’t wait to read it each night!

    Marisa Roman
  • A rollercoaster journey from the heart to the horizons of consciousness itself. Much recommended!

    Rak Razam Author
  • Namaste Omananda ?? I liked what you wrote! Really nice reminders to those who needs it. And bringing some light into current situation in Yemen and Saudi Arabia situation and all big nations and weapon industry behind supporting the madness. And the fact média is silent about this genocide of the people of Yemen. So indeed the best we can do is to WAKE UP realise our true power, and UNITE ???? Thank you for many GOoD word’s and remindings ?? Kind regards from Dhanya Atma aka Aurora-Maria

    Dhanya Atma aka Aurora-Maria Sacred Goddess
  • Well done! Excellent photography!

  • Bravo 🙂 Å truly informative and empowering read from a fellow cosmic traveller, beautiful tales of a reality that still is unknown for many,but available at will,and this book is a great signpost for the way there ! Well done and well lived Omananda ! 🙂 Om Namah Shivaya

    All Aum
  • A true Visionary Quest! One of the most profound Visionary Journey's tale in recent times, Torsten takes you trough his life voyage deep into a quest of world travel, psychedelics, shamanism, 21st century psychedelic trance dance meditation, Torsten's life's resonates with many of us that have travel down the same path! I highly recommend to buy this book as it represents a testament to our sub culture history for a far most better understanding to the masses. Thank You Torsten for this incredible journey!

  • Transcendental Journeys offers readers a fascinating insight into an extraordinary time in history that Omananda writes brilliantly about in this adventurous autobiographical work. I was also impressed with the quality of the messages for humanity that he shares with readers. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about his life and eagerly look forward to his next book. Well done!

    Jewels Artist
  • Great book! Takes you on a journey, far away from the A4 persons one. Growing up in East Germany, and the experience coming to the west, I can just imagine how it would be. That brings a great contrast to the story. At least to a sensitive reader. Been to many places you describe in the book. Funny to see how others experience them. The Cambodia bike story was my favorite one. The labyrinth…… Ok no spoilers. Read it ?

    Runar Olsen Mystic
  • A fascinating read that will probably raise some eyebrows among the uninitiated and bring back fond memories for other world travelers, ecstatic dancers and trippers. Torsten has also drawn some remarkable conclusions from his life experiences about how the world could change to benefit its inhabitants. After reading this book from cover to cover, I must say that I look forward to reading about the author’s next adventures.

  • “Transcendental journeys“ is in my opinion a rare gem. Throughout his life Omananda peregrinated the journey of life and soul we all must navigate and he gained a deeper understanding of our individual and collective experiences which he shares in this book. He transmitted his life experiences and insights so articulately that it can become a valuable reference to our ever-expanding understanding of consciousness and its relationship with the cosmos. He is the real deal!

    Melitta Tchaikovsky Author, Filmmaker
  • Book forges beyond the borders of the human spirit. A fascinating glimpse into the life of a courageous and truly unique individual. Thorsten's path has taken him from behind the iron curtain onto less-traveled paths around the world, including the unknown realms of the human mind.

    Tracy Barnett Journalist
  • I really, really enjoyed reading your book. It is well written. Most of the time it does read like a native speaker. And because of your brilliant mind you are able to bring it through and make some sense of it. I think I do sense a little bit of growth in you throughout it.  You making an effort to check your wounded ego.  The culture shock when you go from communism to the west is totally fascinating. It is difficult to describe the psychedelic experience in a compelling way, I’m not sure why, but you do a great job.

  • Greater than Carlos Castaneda! Great history of a personal development, starting in East Germany, following first steps of spiritual awakening of Torsten in US, Mexico and South America during his lifelong traveling projects. Tre real coming out of his spiritual awareness was discovered in the Indian subcontinent, where he gathered more experience and inaugurations by several mystic teachers. Easy to read with a powerful message for personal freedom and wisdom. Even more impressive than Carlos Castaneda!

    P. Klose Dr. Med Psych
  • Exhilirating Journey through life. I must be honest and say I've only briefly dipped into this great book, having been consumed with other work since I downloaded it. It was noticing the 2-star comment already on here that made me actually dive into it and have a read from the beginning. I found it hard to stop reading a so-far exhilarating story that I found to be well-written. What I've read so far has got me hooked and I've only stopped to get this review up now, lest I procrastinate later.

    Gregory Sams Author, Inventor of the Vegeburger

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