Preface from Transcendental Journeys

We all watch the miracle of existence unfolding from individual perspectives, like different angles on a crystal ball that reflect our unique viewpoints. Yet we remain unified at our core where the true perceiver dwells.

I wrote this book for several reasons. Number one, I had to! It had been stuck in my mind and wanted to come out, like a baby already late for birth. Eventually, I had to sit down and make sense of everything I had gathered during the three decades of my life spent traveling around the world.

I was raised in a place where everyone was sheltered from any information that could wake us up, or help us realize what life is all about. In East Germany, the church was barely tolerated and I grew up an atheist. Public libraries were filled with Communistic Idealism and certain books were prohibited. There was no free speech! I could not find the answers to the deeper philosophical questions that plagued me as a child and found it hard to believe that there are infinite stars in the sky. I failed every time I tried to imagine it. I didn’t know of any of the profound keys that have the ability to transmit the cosmic principles that govern our world. In spite of all that, I was willing to risk my life so that I could experience freedom.

I realized, after my dangerous escape to West Germany, that physical freedom was not enough to liberate me from the paralyzing conditionings of my mind. I intuitively knew that there is more to life than I perceived or had been told. I began traveling through the world and was initiated in Asia into an ancient mysticism. I describe this near-death experience in the final chapter of Part One of this book. This mysterious encounter irreversibly changed the course of my life and set the tone for gaining deeper knowledge in non-ordinary states through the repeated use of shamanistic herbs.

Transcendental Journeys – A Visionary Quest for Freedom is a combination of autobiographical content, exotic travel stories, shamanic journeys and philosophical views. I elucidate how I came to some unexpected, yet rational conclusions. My hope in presenting this unconventional and crucial information in an artistic and entertaining manner is that it will inspire others, especially you, to take a leap forward.

I wrote and published this book with the intention to help humanity improve in our approach to finding solutions, instead of getting stuck on problems that can’t be solved without the crucial and permanent conscious shift. What I present in this book is a game changer when put into practice.

Numerous astral journeys appear vividly throughout my story. But to be clear, I am not advocating drugs in this book. On the contrary! As a medical professional, I used to dispense pharmaceuticals as part of my job. I share my knowledge on the subject of drugs and their abuse and clarify in simple terms for anyone, but especially those who should be all ears, even if they only drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes, why what is considered normal or legal is not necessarily safe. For people with addiction issues and anyone interested in freeing themselves, from internal and external struggles, this book holds great value!

Use the QR codes provided in this multimedia book to access film-shots and transcribed interviews directly while reading. The hyperlinked educational and entertaining information throughout this story serves as supportive evidence to defend Mother Earth from a contemporary global meme in which we, as a species, seem to have lost contact with reality.

As a result of our prioritized and commonly agreed-upon monetary values that likely result from erroneous materialistic world-views, the human heart and our beautiful host planet suffer a great deal. Endless profit, insatiable greed, temporary gain, and senseless exploitation seem to justify all means. This places us, as a species, in a position that looks as if we have lost the sacred knowledge of our cosmic heritage and divine destiny.

I am certain that most of us have the innate ability to fully bloom into the brilliance of our radiant, true nature. But we don’t feel well when we are purposefully misguided and get increasingly addicted to toxic stuff that bombards us from multiple angles, on mental and physical levels.

Many of us scream for change, but most of us look for it on the outside, where we can get overwhelmed with so many possibilities and too much information. Overload! Life in the technological age is becoming increasingly complex. It’s not so easy to know why, what, or how to transform into a more happier and joyful cosmic being. Confusion, lack of time, misdirected focus and scrambled attention often lead us to give up before thoroughly investigating who we are, or what our actual life goals and deeper purposes might be. Even though we are all born wondering about that!

Perhaps it is not too late to change, one person at a time. But are you ready? If not yet, reading this book will nonetheless inspire and entertain you. But if you are ready to dive deeper into the nature of reality and explore your authentic self, this book offers much useful material to work with.

I had direct contact with indigenous medicine tribes in Mexico while working on film projects, which helped to protect WWF native land and the indigenous cultures. The Wixarika are the ancient people commonly known as the peyote guardians. Since times immemorial they have used psychoactive and mind-altering herbs in healing prayer-ceremonies. I learned that sacred plant medicines, when used in a ceremonial context, are powerful tools that can help the individual and the group establish healthy relationships with nature and each other. I feel honored to have sat in teepees with presidents and elders of different Native American Churches (NAC), drinking peyote and understanding the indigenous peoples’ sacred ways of life. I’m also glad I ultimately chose to stop altering my consciousness through any artificial, or temporary means.

A deeper understanding builds throughout this story. In the final chapter, I elucidate easy-to-practice, non-religious, yet powerful, spiritual methods and exercises for personal transformation, with helpful hints and suggestions. The language changes from the beginning towards the end, which goes hand in hand with my personal development. Character names have been changed, to protect the individuals’ privacy. Everything else remains authentic to the facts as I experienced them. The book starts with a somewhat ordinary and ignorant, but curious, perspective. It ends with, well, I leave that open for you to find out.

Torsten E. Klimmer aka Omananda, 2018



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