The Transcendental Journeys Podcast is an artistic mix of contemporary and archived audio recordings with interviews, shamanic sounds and music. Your host, the filmmaker, author and world traveler, Torsten E. Klimmer aka Omananda, presents emerging concepts with solution-based, progressive, and ®-evolutionary ideas in this educational, entertaining and unconventional broadcast. Visit – the producer of this podcast.

End of Year Podcast 012

This podcast episode was recorded in a cave in Koh Phangan (Thailand) during a sound healing ceremony that was organized by Omananda, with a Mongolian shaman who throat sings and plays the jews harp, a shaman drum and other bells and whistles. [...]

Sri Lanka Walky-Talky Podcast 003

  4 years ago from the publication date, the author, filmmaker, producer and artist – Omananda – walks on the beach in Sri Lanka as he talks into an audio recorder. This is the unedited version of this unscripted podcast. [...]

Water Prayer Podcast 002

A recording of (and by) Omananda with binaural microphones of a water prayer that was made by a clean river in Madeira is this podcast’s content. The show contains singing and spoken word without scripts. Thank you for listening. Enjoy and [...]

Greetings-from-Madeira Podcast 001

This is a sharing talk by Omananda – the host of the Transcendental Journeys Podcast – with shamanic sounds of the indigenous Yawanawa medicine tribe from the Amazon rainforest in Brazil and didgeridoo. Thank you for listening. Enjoy [...]

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