Pyramids with Mushrooms

* The following are excerpts from Transcendental Journeys – A Visionary Quest for Freedom, a book by Omananda


Back then, it was still possible to climb up through a stunning waterfall into the ancient Mayan City of Palenque. I did just that when I perceived an energy cloud hovering around and covering the pyramids. I wanted to touch this sparkling supernova-looking nebula that seemed to have a life of its own and I felt some form of intelligence emanating from it that seemed other than human, but it moved away every time I tried. So I had to use another method to approach the situation, if I really wanted contact. I thus waited quietly for it to come to me instead, and after a short while, the mysterious energy-cloud indeed started to creep up on me.

It touched my fingers first. Then, it crawled over my hands and lower arms. It slowly moved over my upper arms, shoulders and torso, eventually engulfing and surrounding my entire body. Before I knew it, I was excited and breathing fast as I stood in the midst of this fog. At that moment, a screen appeared, giving me a vision into what seemed to be the perceptual faculty within my mind’s eye — i.e. the place where signals from the optical nerve normally create an image of “reality.” I witnessed my movements becoming robotic and machine-like. Strangely, this psychic TV that seemed to be located somewhere between the outer reality and its inner reflections gave me the ability to imagine anything.

Telepathic images triggered by associations revealed personal psychological processes that I could perceive, understand, and decipher. It felt entirely new and exciting to me how my imaginary world started to reconstruct itself from memory. Deep traumas started to release and trigger profound healing experiences within me. I could feel the presence of my mother, whom I love very much. I suddenly realized how much I had hurt my mum during puberty when I was not supporting her at a time when she greatly needed me. Her darkest hours where after my dad had left her to struggle with the house and raise me all on her own. I was weeping as I realized who I had been and what I had done. I was such a nightmare child! In deep prayer I asked for her forgiveness. The mushrooms somehow allowed me to feel empathy, for others and myself. I began to feel compassion for the first time in a long time when I realized how selfish I had been. I wondered how could I be a better and more caring person in the future?

The next day started like a new beginning for me. I was unusually happy and, once again, felt reborn. I bought a ticket to San Cristobal de Las Casas with the plan of traveling to Zipolite on Mexico’s western coast. I had plenty of time during the long bus ride to process the many new impressions and the incredible information I had gained during the last few months of traveling. All seemed so wondrous and new to me and I enjoyed such a sense of freedom and hope.


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