Pagans and Witches UNITE on Beltane

When the masked stack is running after the virgin maiden during the Beltane ritual, she’s trying to run for her life. Of course, she does NOT always escape the hunt. Magical children are made this way! Little did I know that she wanted it as much as I did – the ravaging and wild sex!

Witchaya – image taken by Omananda, art-design Iselin Bruff

Years ago, I visited a witchy friend whom I fancied running through the forest with and catching her naked, like an animal in heat, to do her right there and then on the wet moss. This phantasy is apparently not so uncommon and it is acted out in a ritual called Beltane, which is a pagan holiday when witches have been seen flying on their brooms – brooms that have been lubricated with witches (or flying) ointment that is made from psychoactive plants that are intravaginally applied (via the broom-stick). This is how to fly on brooms on Walpurgisnacht, but do not try this at home alone, because you can die from it. In fact, the Catholic Church made sure these sacred women would die from it if they admitted to that (often under torture) since the angry men erroneously thought those witches danced (and had sex) with the devil. What these barbaric and religious idiots did not know is that Earth spirits might look like devils, with horns and hoofs, like pan playing his flute. However, these playful creatures are nothing like oppressed priests who rape children or burn women alive (in the name of Jesus), while calling nature worship devil worship. History is not her story! Mother nature’s.

Men and humans have gotten it so wrong so many times! And now? Now? Because of you-know-what, we should not come close, hug, kiss, or enjoy making love with each other, because out of the projected fear of death, of catching a virus and transmitting a disease? There are tons of viruses to transmit. I, as a clinical nurse, have studied infectious diseases and how to treat them over many decades in my ongoing professional education. Take sexually transmitted diseases for example. Genital warts are one great example. Only a few species of over hundred different types that exist show up physically. Some of their potential lethal side effects can lead to cancer. In fact, the most leading cause of throat cancer is not smoking cigarettes as you might have erroneously believed from the horrendous pictures on cigarette packs. It is genital warts that can be passed on during oral sex and if you had more than six sex partners in your life, you are at increased risk for such scenario. Herpes is another. Half of the US citizens carry the HVS1 virus. Some people are more affected than others. The virus, of which also exist more than hundred varieties, can shed even when there are no outbreaks, which the general population commonly does not want to know about, because we all love kissing and having sex. So should we all kiss with a condom in our mouth or do nose rubbing instead? Kissing could be outlawed and maybe sex one day is also illegal. Anything is possible after 2021. Autsch!

The grim reaper – image taken by Omananda in Hawaii

Decades ago, we stood up for legalizing psychedelics. I particularly did! The reason why? I had experienced severe episodes of awakening, although temporary, through psychedelics and I found it rather odd that governments prohibited this type of mystical activity our ancestors commonly used as a natural key to expand the mind and to receive new inspirations. Yes, Steve Jobs invented the Apple computer largely because he was tripping on Acid and the hippy movement of the sixties lead to the anti-war movement that was violently beaten down and destroyed. Steve Jobs could speak about his usage of psychedelics shortly before he died, because then people would not scrutinize him for it. I don’t care what people think and so I open my mouth even though I am well aware of the ramifications. If I (and those who dared to) would have not openly spoken out about what seemed to be right in East Germany, the Berlin wall might have never come down, and in the West, this form of free speech in an non-free speech society was perceived as courage, because in the capitalist meme, Communism – the arc-enemy – requires the entire world to be communistic so that money could be eradicated, which is the main goal of communism – the end of exploitation. Anyways, I started to practice Yoga and meditation as a direct result of doing psychedelics and I was not the only one. So yes, I had to make this film: Enjoy watching it (for FREE) if you not already have. Share it with friends, even though it’s old news by now … with a very valid message though!

Today, in 2021, gathering in groups is largely prohibited and making fires outside can be fined, or even walking without a mask is illegal in places like Germany. Let’s not talk about medicine ceremonies with mushrooms, or actually, let’s! In my opinion, as a three-decades world traveler, that is ridiculous to outlaw, so I have to go back (into the field) and make it legal! Because if we continue to outlaw things that connect us to nature, of who we are and where we come from, we will be lost forever. So, let’s begin with our roots! The fire, the natural medicine and the elements of nature! Has our collective and psychotic fear of death finally taken our common sense away? Without fires, shaman drums can’t be played. And for people who never played a shaman drum they might not know what it means to play it and why not playing it could be a big deal! This is why I recently decided to make a film on shamanic drumming and I will make it with my latest iphone! If you want to see it, put yourself on the mailing list of – the parent website of this one here.

Omananda with Shaman drums in ceremony, 2021

Well, the big deal for me is: When I play my shaman drum that is called soulshaker, it is very empowering and being empowered is important, especially in our contemporary human civilization that creates more suffering than ever for so many creatures on this beautiful planet, because our awareness is not sufficient enough to encompass all creation. We, as a species, have separated ourselves from nature and when she naturally fights back we try to do anything to save our kind (which is not that kind). Nature however, will always be stronger and until we understand why we upset the natural balance of our planet, we and it will only get worse. What about the rest of the world and all the other creatures that are dependent on our actions? What about the bigger picture? How are we connected to everything and why? How can we create harmonic balance and thrive together as ONE? These are questions we should be asking ourselves instead of, how long do we have to wear masks and will this vaccination protect us (from our own ignorance)?

I’d say, take off the mask of deception! Death is our birthright and one could say life is too, but now, human civilization has sadly outlawed living. Yes, it is certain our bodies will die. The question we might want to ask ourselves is, “Have we truly lived before we ultimately breathe out and our hearts stop for good?” Lived your purpose?
Of course, those who ask if it is legal are often those who enforce the mad-man’s illusion of separation. Free people commonly ask: “Is it right?” (according to the natural law). For that question to be answered correctly, one has to understand the laws of nature and what lies beyond (death). I personally choose the laws of nature, specifically when it comes to natural healing. Yes, I have been vaccinated. With Kambo!


How many liberated souls are there? How many unvaccinated people will there be in 2022? The EU is purchasing 1.8 billion doses of vaccine (not Kambo) and creating a “green” vaccine passport. This is happening while there is a massacre in India going on due to irresponsible behavior of creating super-spreader events like the Kumbha Mela that attracts up to 20 million people on main bathing dates and one million / day visitors who travel from and back to all over India. It is not an easy time to see what is and is not real and I am in a Scandinavian country where numbers are super low so we can be fairly free here. Free to take the (experimental) vaccines and there might be a reason why such a new and not fully tested pharmaceutical product is not forced upon the people. When making a major alteration on a soul’s journey – like altering the cell’s DNA that begins to produce a spike-like protein as part of the cell’s physiology which is then attacked by the body’s immune system – the free will of this being must agree to it. For when he/she does, life’s soul-journey will be altered and there is no way back to “normal” and who knows if ever going home is an option after that?
I am naturally suspicious. Suspicious of all governments. You can call me whatever you want, but I grew up in the oppressive regime of East Germany that developed from what was left of Hitler’s nightmare. No, I do not trust governments at all, but I trust in my intuition and the higher picture and a higher power. And in love I trust. I believe in Unity – the unity of people uniting as ONE and the healing power that comes from the light of the ONE. I do not support violent revolution, but I support conscious evolution. I am a pacifist by nature, but a Shivait in spirit. I am not in denial that there is a pandemic. How could I be? But the way it is dealt with is not so incorrect in my opinion and the correct way to deal with it is also not easily determined. It is much easier to criticize, but to come up with valid solutions requires vision and a willingness to help and do good.
For example, nurses are paid very little money in Germany. Of course they are leaving in great numbers, being paid peanuts for a job that takes so much out of a person! I know it well since I am a registered nurse myself, able to practice in the EU and in California. You can verify my license number here. Choose RN (registered nurse)  Number: 536965 name: Torsten Klimmer. It’s active and I know what I am talking about. Nurses need to be paid more! A lot more. In the USA they pay nurses double than in Germany. Needless to say, I work in America when I choose to work as a nurse and I hardly ever worked as a nurse for money. It has been good for my karma to help others in need. Politicians however, do not realize they should put more money into medical systems that are overloaded due to medical emergencies dropping in with people gasping for air in despair. We desperately need more nurses and with more money on the job, surely more people would go for it. That is common sense to me, and politicians who get paid 5 times more than nurses in Germany should have their income considerably lowered, since all they seem to do is talking blablabla – about their political agendas. Another huge lack of response is the failed education and investments into therapeutic and preventative natural and alternative medicinal systems that strengthen the immune system by nature, plus the support of organic food and the reduction in prices by substituting bio-food with government funding while increasing production. I could go on with solutions of common sense stuff, but unless politicians expand their awareness and awaken to the greater picture they won’t see this easily.

Surely, love is here to stay and all else fades away. So, if we choose to focus on that eternal light insight us – our star-core-essence – it will surely guide us all the way back home.

No matter while dying or when living fully, I believe in life before death! What do you believe in? God? Science? Nature? Justice? Money? To do anything properly, we have to adjust (to) some laws. To be more precise, adjust to the natural laws … since so many (especially those made lately) man-made laws seem to be ludacris (to me).

What will I be doing for this Beltane? Have a wild guess! But if you want to have an experience that enhances your reality and gets you out of the ordinary, consider coming with us on a unique sailing cruise to paradise … where you can bathe in light and realize – the essential truth that lies deep inside all of our hearts. Yes, that can be dangerous too, to look at, because the old picture of your contemporary worldview might be shaken to the core and be left floating in space.

Enjoy while you can. Now is the best (and only) time for that and please don’t take anything too serious. Life is but a dream … dreamt by another (higher being). Awaken in (and from) that dream and you shall be free(d)!

Hare OM Tat Sat, Hare OM …


Omananda is the author of Transcendental Journeys – A Visionary Quest for Freedom and the filmmaker of Liquid Crystal Vision

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