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Healing always interested me. I worked professionally in hospitals and swiftly understood that most doctors do not treat their patients as an integral aspect of the whole. Allopathic medicine isolates parts of the body. Sometimes entire organs are cut out. Pharmaceutical drugs are used to kill so-called “foreign invaders.”¬†Today I know that detoxing the body and the mind and eating wild, biodynamic food enhances the body’s ability to heal itself. Many healer’s paths begins with self-healing and so did mine. I started practicing yoga, meditation, and I entered the world of psychedelia. Fungi literally woke me up from a deep and long ignorant sleep.

When I needed to treat a chronic “incurable” condition I searched for an adaptogenic tree-mushroom. Wild Chaga Extract shields viral, microbial and fungal infections. It supports the immune system, without mind-altering effects. I also learned from indigenous people that there is a frog venom from the Amazon that is a powerful immune system stimulator.

I gave my first sound healing session with a didgeridoo in the early nineties and I have witnessed truly miraculous results. I give spiritually uplifting and deeply transformational healing sessions in combination with visionary consultations.

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