Excerpt from: The Vision Of Paradise

My First Ayahuasca Ceremony — The Vision of Paradise  

It was dark outside already. Candles lit in a circle illuminated the large room in a gigantic wood house that smelled of unfamiliar smoking herbs. A big altar was set up in honor of an ayahuasca double shaman ceremony, the first of its kind I ever attended as a drinking participant. I had previously been invited to baby sit a mother’s child during an ayahuasca ceremony, without ingesting any of the potent psychedelic jungle brew myself. Therefore, I was not entirely unfamiliar with the structure of this ritual.

Everyone was dressed in white when a huge piece of banisteriopsis caapi vine was handed around in the circle. It was recommended to us that we should use our time to connect with this plant prior to inebriation.

People came for a variety of reasons and this ceremony was set to take place over three days, none of which we were required to attend. Although I felt curious about my participation in this ceremonial ritual, I also felt uncomfortable and somewhat anxious at the time. Before we ingested the ayahuasca that tasted a bit like bittersweet honey and came in the form of a thick liquid, we each said our prayers out loud. This set our intentions. My heartfelt wish was to heal myself on whatever level was necessary. I had physical ailments and wanted to become a better human being. After everyone drank the ayahuasca brew, the candles were blown out, and we were all asked to not speak any longer. We thus sat silently for a while until someone started whistling and shaking a traditional shamanic ceremonial item called a chakapa that is made from a dried bundle of leaves.

The journey was smooth for me. I felt like a prince and everything was amazing and inspiring. I experienced no vomiting and no feeling of nausea, just bliss and incredible visuals inside my mind’s eye. Most people attending the ceremony were female. Some of these impressive goddesses released energy from their wombs into the earth while naked in a redwood forest. They screamed like wild Amazon warriors strengthening their bodies with life force energy.

People shared what they experienced before the ceremony was closed. One story in particular stuck with me. In a previous ayahuasca ceremony a couple years prior to the one we were attending, Rashika had asked for physical healing from a chronic condition that was hereditary in her family. This beautiful young woman was already feeling painful symptoms in her joints at that time and allopathic medicine had no cure. She explained how she was visually guided by praying specifically to heal her condition. Rashika managed to access the level of her DNA. As she journeyed through her ayahuasca visions, she found the disconnected protein and fixed it! Six months later, the disease had virtually vanished and she was symptom-free. Rashika had a delightful smile when she shared her magical healing story with us.

During my first ayahuasca session, I remembered a previous visionary journey of an experience I had in the Boom Festival, where I had left my body and traveled through time and space. Initially, however, I did not remember any details from this amazing experience, though it left me with a wonderful feeling. All I knew was that I had been in paradise and ever since, I had lived with the unconscious memory of a blissful state that remained. But the experience did not immediately integrate on conscious levels until this ceremony when I remembered every detail of that previous medicine-induced journey.

Back in the Boom Festival, I had sensed a mysterious spiral wind after I spent an hour spinning on the central stage of the double Fibonacci spiral mandala dance-temple that François Baudson had designed and built. Space started bending! The entire dance floor was then transported into another dimension and my body lost its grip on physical reality. It became like jelly and I gently rolled off stage, without muscular power.  Swami Chaitanya, who witnessed this happening to me, caught me in his arms. From there, my soul embarked onto an astral journey.

Sandra Karpetas from the Iboga Therapy House in Vancouver and the creator of the Kosmicare in the Boom Festival is certainly one of the most skilled people in the world in taking care of individuals going through difficult psychedelic experiences, like I was then. I was in heavenly guidance! She gently assisted me by providing a safe space and not speaking much. Every once in a great while, she said what seemed to be the perfect word with impeccable timing while I was going through something I would later understand as having traveled to the future.

I experienced a futuristic Earth realm, where everyone was part of a flawless world. We had all realized our full potential and were living it too. In this vision we came running up to each other euphorically by saying, “Have you heard the news yet? We are totally free!” Our imagination was boundless and the time-space barrier between dreaming and waking was no more. Everything was possible and instant. It all seemed so very real to me as I was lying seemingly suspended and traveling through time. I recalled seeing huge geodesic domes, similar to those constructed at the Eden Project in Cornwall. Although I reasoned them to be a metaphor for us to be a part of the flower of life, or the Jeweled Net of Indra that is the basis for creation itself, this might have not been the real meaning of what these dome-visions meant. In that potential future that was communicated through me while time-traveling, humans lived in groups of 150-200 people inside massive domed structures. A universal wave of consciousness connected to the global awakening process had illuminated everything on our planet and created a full realization of the entire truth. Those incapable of holding and receiving this divine frequency would be simply ripped apart, either through karma or by direct contact with this powerful energetic force. What was coming would be much wilder than any of us could ever imagine. Although, the full rebirth of a dawning golden age first required a bloody death of the perverted civilization that humans have created on this planet.

The awakened human beings lived an ecstatic life in those futuristic dome-communities. Each member was fully present and aware of his or her true nature. We had finally realized who we really are, and how much goodness we are capable of. There was no individual friction any longer, because everyone received messages (instructions) directly from the Source. We lived communally without a hierarchical order and with a cosmic consciousness. We looked at each other deeply through our eyes and communicated telepathically, through our hearts. Most of us were in a loving partnership, but we were not naturally monogamous. We all made love with each other, but we were not jealous.

All energy was harvested renewably, and we recycled everything within these fully sustainable domed environments, including the water we used, the products we made, and everything else we needed to thrive. I did not clearly understand how many domes and sustainable natural environments with fully conscious people existed like that around the planet, but each of these communities was able to share and receive information through technological inventions that were freely available for the benevolent use of all. Money had become useless, but we traded seeds with each other and we had a communal transport system that we used to move between places. A central element to the domed environments and sustainable future communities was the way we worked. We rotated all positions according to our liking and the main teaching area was also the place everyone met for regular social celebrations, gatherings, and workshops.

Outside the domes, nature was inhospitable. Our planet had been poisoned by radiation and it was overheated. The Earth had turned into desert and we could not leave our home inside the safe dome environments that protected all those inside. There had been a big catastrophe involving a confrontation between the United States, China, and Russia. What started in the Middle East left Europe fragmented, and the United States was the big loser. Well, most of us were! Also, there was the impact on our planet of a cosmic wave that seemed connected to the sun, which was connected to the central-sun. When I tapped into this intense future version of the Earth, I was told by the Source Creator that the suffering and the death of many individuals in our world was not what it seemed to be when understood from a non-material perspective. I got a clear message to not feel bad about whatever was coming. It apparently was all part of a cosmic plan that I did not fully comprehend.

Visionary artists can often foresee our future. Carey Thompson, the art coordinator of the Boom Festival at the time, answered in a visionary ART panel that I filmed in 2010 when asked what to do next with the following words, “To create a network of healing art-centers around the globe.” Xavi Peneton sat in the same panel suggesting, “Create a giant paradise!” Carey continued, “To co-create, to share, to be inspired and to continue to grow like that. This would be the quickest way to take our planetary consciousness into the next phase that we need to create.”

I learned from navigating consciously through shamanic dream-realms that by channeling visions, we also create them — in the phenomenal world and vice versa! Other-worldly parallel and mystical dimensions are intricately connected to our earthly realm through an infinite network of vibrating frequencies. These unfolding realities are often truth-manifesting and as we imagine, so it shall be! Of course, I wish that none of us will have to go through any potent cataclysmic catastrophe, man-made or otherwise, which would be capable of creating an irradiated environment on our beautiful planet.

The visionary artist Alex Grey who was voted into the top 20 of the “Most Spiritually Influential Living People” in 2010 and 2011 in the Watkins Review painted a very interesting and prophetic painting called Gaia, in which he depicts a huge tree as the centerpiece. The right side of the tree is in flames as a result of armies controlled by politicians. It depicts the rape of nature. This darker side of his painting also shows the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City still standing as two airplanes fly overhead and pipes billow smoke in the foreground! This impressive painting was created in 1989 after Alex was inspired by an apocalyptic vision that he had during a dream around the time when his daughter Zena was born. That was long before the devastating events of 09/11 took place in Lower Manhattan, in 2001. Inside a cave in the trunk of a massive tree inside this painting sits a breastfeeding woman and closely behind her stands a soldier with a machine gun ready to fire. A politician is whispering something into his ear, possibly giving orders to attack. According to Alex Grey’s description on his website, she represents humanity. The other side of the painting shows the tree living healthy in a natural setting with flowing clean water and a variety of animals coexisting harmoniously. A large ethereal eye with wings overlooks these wildly divergent scenes. Alex Grey uses the words “world soul” to describe this all-encompassing and transcendent awareness. But what especially caught my attention in this large and powerful piece when I saw the original exhibited in New York was a standing hand on the healthy side of nature with an eye in the palm. This symbolizes an evolutionary alarm that catalyzes the collective will of the people. It enables us all to see clearly and discern what actions are necessary to stop the mindless destruction.

Surely, many people all over the world pray for less wars and less pollution. I strongly believe in the power of prayer, but it’s probably not enough to just pray to stop imperialists from taking their destructive path. Activism does something, but the conglomerates with nearly infinite amounts of money and power often have their last say, while rearranging reality according to their liking. I realized the biggest and most effective societal impact on our planet regarding our civilization is not standing up against what might be perceived as oppressors, but waking up together! We will always be fighting our internal struggles and projecting them externally while remaining trapped in spiritual ignorance as long as we are not fully conscious, not unified, and wrongfully judging what we do not fully understand. Of course, it is crucial that we ALL focus on a beautiful and peaceful world together while we can still preserve nature on this planet!

What I find especially uplifting today are the possibilities for us to cooperate and relate to one another as more conscious and truly caring, empathic human beings. As aware and conscious humans, we proactively co-create a beautiful future and harmoniously act according to the cosmic principles that lead us into the expression of who we truly are. When human beings start to focus on their personal evolution, and are inspired to become fully present, the necessary changes that guide the collective will automatically express the peaceful transformations we require on our planet today. I therefore embrace spiritual illumination through direct contact with life force in the mystical experience. Our great hope for a sustainable future and the salvation of humanity is that we can collectively wake up.

On the second night of the ayahuasca weekend, I joined the medicine drinking ceremony again, but it was a horrendous experience for most participants. A couple that was new to taking this “medicine” joined us, and the man reacted to it in what seemed to others was a terrible way. He began screaming like he was possessed by a demon for the entire duration of the ceremony as his wife wept by his side. When the shamans did not know what to do for him any longer, they gave up in desperation and let everyone, who wanted to, leave the circle. I then stepped up to the suffering individual and held my left hand to his heart. With my right hand stretched up to the heavens, I silently prayed within myself and asked that any demonic energy be released through me as I channeled pure white light. I also asked the Christ to help us both. Miraculously, the person responded immediately by relaxing and he finally stopped screaming. Before the ceremony was closed, we all shared our experiences again, including him. What a surprise it was for most of us to hear what he had to say. Apparently, he felt very good, happy and amazing. It seemed that some very heavy energy had been lifted off him, and I felt just fine.

After that experience, I could not deny any longer that I felt I had the potential to heal people. Healing always had been my calling, even back in East Germany when I had wanted to become a doctor. Working in hospitals as a nurse, however, had taught me that conventional medicine uses a lot of chemical drugs that can sometimes have deadly side effects. Western medicine often takes the approach of isolating and killing an invader, while sometimes disregarding and even debilitating the body’s capacity to naturally heal itself. Allopathic medicine and Western science do not view life as sacred, from a spiritual perspective. Without seeing scientific proof, Western medical doctors cannot accept the existence of subtle energy fields, like auras, chakras and halos, or the healing power of love with divine intervention and the Christ. But I just had a subjective experience of that and suddenly realized that working in allopathic medicine did not interest me any longer. Shamanism, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and herbalism had a lot more appeal to me after this ceremony.

Jah Levi, who guided this ayahuasca session, had been present at the release of Liquid Crystal Vision at the Mindstates Conference in Berkeley. He knew I was experienced in visual productions and asked, after this ceremony, if I was interested in doing a biographical film on him and offered to pay me good money for my work. I accepted and was in business working as a professional filmmaker. While I was filming for this project, I learned a great deal about the shamanic world of herbs that I previously knew virtually nothing about. I also gained a greater understanding of medicine ceremonies, shamanic sounds and different perceptions of reality that were all very interesting to me.


* This story has been published in Transcendental Journeys – A Visionary Quest for Freedom, the multimedia book by Omananda


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