Maha Shivaratri — The Embodiment of Nataraja

* The following are excerpts from Transcendental Journeys – A Visionary Quest for Freedom, a book by Omananda

It did not take long before my imagination switched and a portal opened within me. I was visually and energetically guided upwards through white marble temple steps to enter a golden diamond chamber, where consecrated spirits united the masculine and feminine aspects of myself in a divine marriage ceremony. Without resistance, I entered into a space of non-dualistic oneness, and a grand vision of the Nataraja, the dancing form of Lord Shiva who performs the divine dance known as the Tandava, merged with my individual consciousness. I then became Shiva and danced the dance of fire, destruction (of ignorance) and spiritual renewal. The Tantric Sutras began channeling through me, one by one, as I embodied them and was branded by this ancient Hindu mysticism.

  Shiva’s powerful dance came with sacred universal insights that suggested cosmic information as a mirrored reflection to the phenomenal world that my bodies physical senses could still perceive. The expanded consciousness that lasted seemingly forever was also firmly grounding, with total awareness in the present moment. The visual experience can be imagined as being fully conscious and dancing inside a ring of fire, with all inner worlds being endless and truthful, while all outer worlds are the infinite possibilities of Maya that represents all created illusion in the phenomenal world. The Nataraja, or dancing form of Shiva, reflects the outer perceptions with inner receptions and evokes an internalized ever-present truth. What is perceived through the physical senses creates an instant internal non-ordinary experience. This process submits truthful ever-changing and adapting data in enlightening contemporary form, along with wisdom.

  Jane and I were dancing like crazy as all this was going on. In fact, the entire party was! A Goa party can be a total madhouse at times. Many people have mystical experiences on the dance floor that is typically filled with thousands of individuals, of which we were just two. Jane and I were pulling in energy from the cosmos as vortices of light to heal our planet. Streams of light beings entered our atmosphere and the party served as a platform for interstellar travels. It felt as if we danced in a very busy intergalactic spaceport, but not only light beings traveled through the star-gate of this Goa party. Demons also came, as the party became a battleground for the forces of dark and light, or good and evil!

  A man was standing naked on the dance floor masturbating and he started screaming as if possessed by demons. Some nearby Israelis were disconcerted by this behavior and became very aggressive toward this guy. I saw how they were considering striking him and shortly before they were about to attack this masturbating oddity, I came in between them and the man who was going through a heavy energy release. I was intervening as Shiva and felt very powerful, free of any form of fear and fierce with the god’s destructive powers.

  None of us could verbally communicate during that moment on such high doses. Speaking under the influence of large amounts of LSD is often not possible, because the mind moves much faster than the tongue can express and all things are communicated telepathically instead. So, we did just that. I realized that the individual going through his release was experiencing a healing that would have been disturbed by the intervention of these judgmental lower-dimensional human beings who were simply ignorant of the reality of LOVE and trapped in their fear and anger.

I remembered meeting one of the Israelis when I was living in Pushkar at the Lotus Hotel where we lived under a tree. His name was Shimon and he was always making fun of Sita-Ram, a woman who sat quietly by the fire all winter long not saying much. He treated her like his inferior. One day, when I sat with Sita Ram by the fire, she opened up and told me her devastating story.

  Sita Ram said she was in an Ashram where she had served her guru for many years. Her guru gave her harsh teachings and beat her like a slave until a point when he thought she was ready to go out into the world on her own. This is when he kicked her out of the Ashram against her will and as Sita Ram wandered off crying down the Himalaya Mountains where the Ashram was located, she was attacked by a group of Indian men that gang raped her for many hours. After that horrible experience, which she barely survived, she came to Pushkar where I met her. She was sobbing when she told me this, but the sick thing is that Shimon, the Israeli, knew about Sita Ram’s unfortunate situation and yet still treated her worse than an animal. He made fun of her constantly.

  When I saw Shimon in that party trying to physically attack this poor fellow, I blocked the attack and protected this masturbator until he was done with what he needed to do, after which he naturally calmed down. A woman then came like an angel out of nowhere to cover him gently with a piece of cloth. I witnessed how he transformed and got healed. This was not the only incident of someone masturbating naked on the dance floor in Goa that intense night where I was able to help to transmute the energy to something more positive and loving.

  A few times I saw an indigo tornado flying by and it gave me the confidence that Jane was also having a great time, but eventually, at one point in the morning, the majestic opening to this vision that had initiated me into the Nataraja, the dancing form of Shiva, and the Tantric Sutras closed in the same way as it had begun. I envisioned coming back down the temple steps and just like a curtain closing in a movie theater, I was back on planet earth and in my physical shell again. After this divine and transcendental cosmic experience I looked at the world with a much more aloof perspective. All the extraordinary mystical experiences I have had in my life stayed with me forever!


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