Love Rules

Love Rules!


We are all governed by a few cosmic (hermetic) principles. When we follow these, life’s gonna be more than alright. But if we ignore them and try to swim upstream, against the current of nature, we are taught vital lessons, such as; how to love and how love rules! No matter what history, upbringing, religion, sexual orientation, political fervor, race, age, ethnic origin and species – love rules! Even in and through our physical bodies that are bound in time and space, love rules!

It is natural that most of us look for love on the outside and the majority of our actions are perversions of that love. All paths eventually do not lead to Rome, but to the realization of this cosmic principle. It’s not a scary love one has to fear. On the contrary! Fearlessly love. That is simply the most direct path to consciously embrace creation fully, without judgement, reservations, even memories. It is to unconditionally love.

Self realization and illumination are automatic responses to a fully surrendered soul that loves faithfully, without limit. Love is the primary law of the cosmos that vibrates (hums) throughout all creation endlessly. So simply allow for love to rule and you shall be ruled by love. Let love express itself through you and be an instrument of (thy will). Love joyfully and embrace yourself at all times in all locations, incarnations, and dimensions.

In this sense, all thinking is futile, all philosophies are pointless, all sciences unnecessary. All dogmatic beliefs and spiritual teachings are mere reminders of that love, which rules! Everything eventually becomes a distraction to that love and dissolves in the path of love that rules. One must live by that simple rule and love, to let love shine, to let it flow freely, allowing it to enter and to share it, exchange it between all things and beings, to express it fully in all thoughts, words and actions. Then one is being truthful to oneself, which is the basis for a harmonious and peaceful life. For without that, life is a struggle. To practice love in action means to be guided by the heart and to act accordingly. This is the natural medicine that obliterates the confusion of a restless mind at once.

With love, Omananda.


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