Living in Paradise

One of my close relatives acted weird when it came to finding super-spots for sunsets while she visited me in Madeira. She seemed almost allergic to the spectral light of the star, loudly wondering what’s so special about that? And in a way, I can understand her. What’s so special about anything in life, apart from this eternal moment we experience right now? Perhaps, beautiful sunsets make us remember that all is magical, here and now? But then, I did not always experience sunsets that were so amazing. In fact, the first sunrise I ever saw (for real) was in 1991 on acid, in a place called: El Triunfo de La Cruz. Until that point, I felt that I had never really experienced a sunrise properly, at least not with these paramount colors and such acuity!

Watching Sunset in Thailand, 2019

By the way, last night, I spoke to an interesting person. I met Shakti at a private villa house party on a magical island in Thailand. Shakti teaches Chi Gong for ten years. She said that she likes to share what she’s learned throughout her life. So, she chooses to teach people to become more conscious, naturally. We also spoke about cosmic states and reaching them through the ingestion of psychedelics. She put it so nicely, saying that when people get high on drugs they often misinterpret the cosmic information they receive, thinking that they got it now, when they are only on drugs. I could not agree more. Having met people on strong ego-trips after tripping their heads off has been an unpleasant experience for many, and a comical one too!

We are high on love in this pic … (2019)

Back to the sunset on acid in 1991. I never forgot that vista and wrote into my diary: “This is the day I was truly born – when my eyes were opened!” The key though to a full awareness, how to maintain that naturally, is to do the work in selfless devotion (service to a greater purpose). Taking trips won’t get that job done. Any smart person is going to realize that sooner or later after they have taken psychedelic drugs that are too easy and don’t last, plus, can’t make you feel good in the long run and even be dangerous or become an obstacle to “realization.” So, here I am in paradise, on the ecstatic dance capital of the world where people have realized that WE can do it together without drugs, while using Yoga, Dance, Prayer and Meditation. I have been here for a few weeks and will be for some months’, maybe years to come and do the work, to dance the dance, with many unique and free people. I swim in a turquoise ocean every day with brightly colored fishes and eat delicious healthy food. I work on transformative things that could very well help me personally, the collective, and the planet, to evolve at a much faster pace.

Thanking and accepting what is and has been given is a blessing, but we have to see (it) first before we can be thankful. So, here is to my relative and to acid. Thank you for having brought me up and born me into this world and thanks to LSD, my eyes have been opened, so I can walk the talk. PS: You don’t have to take acid to understand how amazing a sunset can be. Just open your eyes and surrender your self into the light of the star. Then you shall see … was ist wahr?

With Love, Omananda

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