Living in Koh Phangan (2019)

The first time I visited the magical island of Koh Phangan in the gulf of Thailand was in 1992. Then it was, and today it still is, well known for the famous full moon party that attracts tenths of thousands of people that celebrate the monthly astrological event. Back then, in the early nineties, the island was much more pristine and the part where I lived this season (2018/19) was not reachable by road. Lots of houses, hotels, restaurants, retreats and yoga centers, as well as infrastructure, have been built on the tropical island paradise that it still is today.

Twenty seven years ago, I did not connect with Koh Phangan or the beer drinking, movie watching and drug taking culture in Haad Rin, the scenic white sand beach and bay with turquoise water that hosts the full moon party (GPS: 9.677486, 100.068129).

But this year I had lots of fun with the vibrant loving crowd during ecstatic dances that happen on the “conscious community” side of the island a few times each week.

An ecstatic dance is a drug free event. All people are welcome as long as they agree to the simple guidelines, which are; to not speak while dancing, not having sex on the dance floor or being naked, not taking pictures or drugs (including alcohol) and dancing as if no one is watching.

In this picture, we were on a border run to Malaysia, to renew our tourist visas. That’s something to consider when living in Thailand, what kind of visa you need to get, in case you want to stay longer. Border runs are the quick fix and Mr. Kim is the person to talk to about it.

One thing that’s restricted in Thailand is being naked! It’s against the law. Last year people who were bathing naked in Zen beach were escorted naked through town by the police to the station were cops charged each person 5000 Baht for the violation (U$180)!

The people attracted to Koh Phangan are of mixed character, race and age and lots of cool events happen on an ongoing basis.

The many stunning beaches the island offers and the lush vegetation provide enough space for a variety of micro-scenes. I was at home on a live-music beach village not far from the pyramid yoga center (see photo below), but other places could be yoga towns or temple valleys, and ocean retreats.

The climate was ideal, 29 degrees celsius most of the time, day and night, in the air and in the water. The food is excellent with lots of Vegan & vegetarian choices. But if you are into meat and fish, you can find that too.

The ocean, sun and air are divine there and it was no surprise that I found Koh Phangan rather charming this time around. The traffic and pollution is not insane and I felt safe. I did not have to lock the house and the Buddhist culture is pleasant, charming and friendly. But the best thing about this magical island is it’s detox and healing effect. I arrived with the intention to heal my body and my soul and that’s exactly what I got.

I did a liver cleanse. Google it if you don’t know what that is. I also did a parasite cleanse that was intense! Worms came out of my gut and I won’t post pictures of that. Twice per day I gave myself an enema and as a result, I spent much of my time in the bathroom. Psychics worked on me during that period. They removed spirits (I could not see) that had apparently attached themselves to my aura. I received helpful techniques from them how to reclaim my authentic self. I am very thankful for that since it seems to work wonders.

I practiced and practice Qi Gong, Yoga and Meditation. I saw many amazing sunsets and cloud formations. I swam in the warm ocean daily as an exercise and dove down often deeper than ten meters with my fins, mask and snorkel, while holding my breath. Sometimes, there were so many fish, I could hardly see the ocean. Some oceanic predators tried to take bites out of me and I was swimming with turtles and watched geometric shapes of the few still existing corals when the visibility was brilliant. I also observed boxed jellyfish, with caution!

Breathing workshops happened on Koh Phangan a lot. They seemed to help me shoot the Kundalini up my spine and I exchanged Kambo sessions for acupuncture treatments. Energy waves sent shockwaves through my vital organs when Sean-T (pic below) worked on me for hours at a time. This revitalized my liver and heart. It made me feel better in the long run, but it was hurting quite a bit during treatments.

I made new friends and at one point drove my scooter consciously, after having been on the island for two months, when I saw everything that I had NOT noticed before, in a completely new light. I felt just like a child discovering the world anew and realized then that I had been driving and walking around, virtually living blindly. Crazy how oblivious and asleep one can be when there is an inner cosmos, a world so vast and limitless that when we do not let ourselves be limited by self-restricted believe-patterns, we can enter this world and learn by traveling through it.

In the above picture, Parker receives a hand-made didgeridoo. He was taught how to play it and it took him one week to learn the circular breathing! By watching the following film and practicing what it teaches you could also learn how to play this beautiful instrument, which was made in Madeira, by Omananda. See how it was made & get yours here.

I closed many ecstatic dances with the didgeridoo and organized sound healing journeys. Listen to this podcast, with Greta Grondahl. I gave vibrational sound healing sessions and connected with people on deep levels. Yep, I’m also a film maker and made this, (amongst other things) in Thailand: Watch Shakti’s:

All in all, I got more in touch with my emotions and began to sense energy. I even started “seeing” a little, without altering my consciousness through artificial means (such as drugs) and I made a vow to the galactic council and myself that I won’t alter my consciousness with external methods again. That is a big commitment for anyone to make. Alcohol too changes ones consciousness, so you know that I’m 100% clean now.

I originally traveled together with Shenaya to Thailand, a lovely person from Norway. We love each other … (She’s very lovable) Picture below:

We (Shenaya and I) started with this intention to set our ship on a mission to heal and that boat is on its course. There was rough seas to cross and we did well, keeping our focus on the light and the mission. We did not drown, but left each other happy and floating, inspired and supported by love. We both learned that there is lots of work we have to do on individual levels before we can move on, to heal collectively. Humanity is on the brink of a new dawn, or perhaps it’s demise? Working on yourself, or call it ourselves, is a full time job and if we don’t do that, we are collectively doomed. But let’s not think about that, because it’s a lot of FUN to live with an increasing awareness that moves towards full. I believe we can do this together and WAKE UP (to) the beauty that we are and become that, embrace that, and not get lost in negative thought processes. That’s what freedom means, in a psychological sense, and it’s achievable in one’s lifetime and instantly rewarding! Anybody criticizing that, criticizing you, is in their heads and not their hearts. They, as much as anyone or anything, require compassion. We all require compassion, love and empathy to heal our relations with each other and the world and Koh Phangan is an island that seems to make this possible. So, thank you Thailand and everyone for healing my soul.

People often ask me; what is it that you do for a living? I say that I work with a higher reasoning for a greater purpose and I work on myself a lot. Sure, I have wasted much time before when I ignored what cannot be ignored forever; out of fear, lack of self-love, and spiritual ignorance. Reclaiming the authentic self is something striving for and working towards. Of course, people also wonder how to get by? I always get that question as a first one, being a nearly three decades world traveler on the road to nowhere (here & now). How can you continue to travel and live in paradise like that, people often ask me. How do you get your money?

The money question usually comes first. Before; how do you feel and who are you, or what am I born to do? I answer by saying; “FOOLOW YOUR HEART!” It will guide you to where you need to be and what you need to do in the moment. The emphasis is on THE MOMENT! It sounds easy and perhaps it’s too easy or wishy-washy for many. But to follow your heart without preparation and proper education or guidance is not that simple in our contemporary world where we are overloaded with mental information. At least it was not for me, because one has to let go of a lot of baggage to do that, especially the whiny and chit chattering mind that always wants more and never seems to be content with what it has. At least we can begin by turning the (mind’s) attention into the heart. Shakti and I – another impressive being, goddess and spiritual guide I got deeply connected with in Koh Phangan – got very good guidance and education at an impressive Buddhist site in Bangkok. Listen to this podcast to find out what happened to us there.

The addictions to technology, mobile phones, sex, love, movies and music, sugar, drugs, food, money and power as well as any unhealthy habits and patterns need to first be removed so that this can happen (“TO FOOLOW YOUR HEART!”). Healing & cleansing takes place there and a good way to start is with you. In my case, with me! When one dares to look within, even though it might be scary or hard to do, it could very well happen that the star-light of the soul-shine dissolves the material divide and somewhere in between the lines, truth arises.

When I arrived on the island I was determined to not buy plastic water bottles and I was super happy when I found:

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With Love, Omananda

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