Wer die Signale heute nicht lesen will muss für die Blindheit bestraft werden. #kriegstrommeln
Those who do not want to read the signals today must be punished for blindness. #wardrums

Image of the Gotheanum taken by Omananda in Switzerland 

Full Moon in Scorpio/Venus, Oct. 2018

Some years ago I was in a pagan wedding-ceremony near Järna in Sweden, which is the biodynamic center in Scandinavia that I found more impressive than the Gotheanum in Switzerland, where Rudolf Steiner created the colossal concrete block that looks more like a Nazi building than anything else. I was afraid that the visions I had in 2002 that has been published in a story called, “My first Ayahuasca Ceremony” in Transcendental Journeys – A Visionary Quest for Freedom, would come true too soon. Therefore, I asked a Palestinian elder who was related to the wife-to-be about a looming war I had foreseen changing the world as we know it. This sarcastic 84 year old non-religious and very much alive man had migrated to Sweden decades ago. He survived being wounded as a soldier during various mid-Eastern conflicts and in the Second World War. He showed me big scars on his aged body.  The reason he choose to live in Sweden was because it is a country that did not know military conflict on its soil since nearly two hundred years. (During WW2, the Swedes identified and collaborated with the Nazi scheme of blue-eyed blond hair supremacy!) Nonetheless, he calmed me down by saying that the sings would build up and be clear before major military conflict, involving many countries, could erupt.

Although, I am generally not into doom and gloom scenarios, what I sadly witness today can not be denied.

  • Atomic anti-missile treatments nearly abolished by the USA, leading to dangerous instability in Europe and elsewhere.
  • Middle East increasingly destabilizing, with country after country going into war, creeping closer to the West.
  • China-Russia and US/EU trade tensions due to US tax implementations / trade-wars (America First = Total BS).
  • Right populist trends world wide turning democracy upside down, in the EU, Brazil and USA.
  • Global ecological disasters are looming; oceans poisoned, ice melting, bees dying, global temperature rising, plastic madness.
  • 5G about to be installed all over the planet that is going to fry our brains, increasingly disconnecting us from nature.
  • Climate & Political (War) Refugees constantly on the rise!
  • World Peace efforts & momentums are sadly fading. They are not trending!
  • Stock Markets are beginning to crash and World Currency Devaluation imminent.
  • Civil wars are the logical result. World War Three in 2019, with or without atomic weapons?

What can we do to prepare for what might soon be looming?

  • Establish renewed peace treaties between Russia/China and the USA/EU and to achieve peace in the Middle East!
  • Not America First – Earth First, dumb Trump!
  • Change the political power structure from pyramidical, patriarchy to the circle (of life) and the goodness!
  • Reverse and recognize global warming, stop plastic production and petro-chemical industries, clean up the oceans.
  • Change from chemical agriculture to organic and biodynamic permaculture.
  • Boycott 5G with global synchronized activism, stop it before it comes into effect. UK just blocked it.
  • Creative refugee solutions and education, with founding from war to integrative cross-cultural approaches
  • Increase global peace campaigns and meditation flash mobs. Bring people peacefully together through musical events.
  • Release dependency on money and move to alternative new revolutionary value systems that are NOT based in currency and numbers.
  • Clean the body-mind complex and prepare for energy-beings to enter and life to happen on soul-levels
  • Establish light-grid and meditation environments for healing and quantum-physical oneness
  • Secure clean water access and acquire large organic seed storage that can be sprouted.
  • Leave metropolitan areas and move to the country side, at least 250 km away from major cities, out of Europe, away from oceans.
  • Develop the ability to grow mushrooms as food. They do not need light to fruit. Get spores!
  • Prepare for radiation fall out shelters and hurricane proof buildings, such as large geodesic domes, secure heating. Winter might be coming.
  • Live above 400m altitude and move closer together, as tribes in communities, and be self sustainable, simplify.
  • Prepare to share everything and give survivors and animals shelter, food, and a place to live.
  • Remove borders and fences. Open the heart!


I know this sounds intense, but do NOT freak out. 1000 years of a Golden Age with peace could very well follow for the lucky (few) survivors – those who are prepared to properly deal with what’s coming. Don’t panic & make love, not war!


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