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Phyllomedusa Bicolor, also know as Giant Monkey Frog, is an amphibian that lives in the Amazon Rainforest of Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela and Bolivia. The green big frog secrets a venomous poison in it’s defense against predators. This skin secretion is known as Vacina do sapo, ‘Kambô’, ‘campu’, ‘sapo’,  or ‘vacino da floresta’ (frog vaccine). This is what literally saved my life when my heart was broken and all I could do was cry, cry, and cry some more! After taking Kambô, I could smile again and I am still smiling, years after the experience.

Kambô has seen increasing popularity in cleansing rituals around the world. It induces intense vomiting, but despite this unpleasant effect, more and more people are inclined to experience this venom in their bodies. Why? Kambô has been traditionally used by many Amazonian tribes since immemorial times. The main reason why indigenous people have traditionally applied Kambô is because it improves hunting success, since it removes human smell. The indigenous people know different ways to apply this vaccine and every tribe has developed unique rituals. The all have in common though that the frog’s poisonous secretion is applied in small burned places on the skin and it enters the endocrine system there. The Katukina and the Matses tribes take Kambô several times a night before hunting. The number of burns, the frequency of the treatments and the intention varies in each tribe. Another good reason to take Kambô is to remove the panema, which translates as bad luck or dark cloud, depression, laziness, sadness, or a condition attracting difficulties and disease. When nothing is going right then it is the ideal moment to take Kambô, according to the tribes.

Kambô is considered by the natives to be a powerful medicine against snake bites, malaria, yellow fever and other epidemic diseases. Kambô cleanses the body of negative physical and emotional energies. Such blockages can manifest through stress, physical ailments, psychological issues, low energy, chronic disease, drug addiction, burn-out, viral, fungal, bacterial, and environmental factors. Although Kambô might offer an immense boost to the human immune system, it has to be taken with care and knowledge and not everyone in any condition can safely tolerate its effects. Kambô is relatively safe to apply through the skin, but never ingest Kambô and do NOT take it alone for the very first time. Kambô, as well as other native medicines, is based on the principle of the transmission of energy from the shaman (healer) to the person who receives the treatment.

Dr. Kambo

The unique formula that Phyllomedusa Bicolor develops can target specific areas, but it affects the autonomous nervous system of the entire body. Applying Kambô can be a rapid method that allows for speeding up personal transformation while supporting emotional, physical and spiritual healing. The effects begin with what feels like a fight and flight response. The heart starts racing and the face might swell up like a frog’s. Recipients often feel a rush of heat to their head. Waves of purging brought on by the Kambô should follow a few minutes into the experience. Kambô is NOT psychedelic, so commonly there are no visions when taking Kambô. After what might last anywhere from twenty minutes to a couple of hours, the person generally feels a sense of well-being, hope, and a new surge of life energy. All senses might still be enhanced hours after the experience and the world can look new and fresh (again). The following short film (about Kambô) has aired on ABC-TV:

Intuition is the best guide for healing and most healers support the natural healing process of the individual in need of healing. Helping to restore balance into the original geometry and removing blockages to the flow of prana or qui (life-energy), that’s what Kambô does – in a matter of minutes!

How many treatments are required to create a complete healing using Kambô in combination with other modalities (sound healing, prayer and psychological consultations) depends entirely on the individual and each healing session. The first treatment is recommended to develop a relationship and gain familiarity with the process and the substance. Following sessions can deepen the healing and the ongoing process. One session can be a good indicator how necessary multiple applications might be. Watch this tree frog in action!

It is important that you disclose all supplements, pharmaceutical medications and health conditions prior to receiving Kambô, as well as mention any major surgeries to the person giving Kambo to you. Make sure to read the list of contraindications further down in this post. This is for your own benefit! When you decide to use a powerful poison in your body, be honest about why you do it! Scientific research on the secretion of this frog started in the 1980’s. Nominated for the Nobel prize, Italian scientist Vittorio Erspamer of the University of Rome wrote that this secretion contains a fantastic chemical cocktail with potential medical applications, unequaled by any other amphibian.

Among the several dozen peptides found in Kambô, up to 7% are bio-active. They bind with receptor sites situated in the brain, triggering chemical reactions in the human body. So far, researchers have found nine bio-active peptides that have a potent effect on the gastrointestinal muscles, gastric and pancreatic secretions, blood circulation, and on the stimulation of the adrenal cortex and pituitary gland. Phyllomedusin strongly affects intestines, bowels and contributes to deep purging. Phyllokinin and phyllomedusin are potent vessel dilators, increasing the permeability of the blood-brain barrier. This facilitates access to the brain of these two, as well as the other active peptides. Caerulein and sauvagine cause a fall in blood pressure accompanied by tachycardia. They stimulate the adrenal cortex and the pituitary gland, contributing to heightened sensory perception and increased stamina. Both of these peptides have a strong analgesic effect, enhance endurance, increase physical strength and in general, enhance the capacity to face pain and stressful situations. They possess medical potential as digestive aids, and have demonstrated analgesic effects for those with renal colic, pain due to peripheral vascular insufficiency and cancer pain. Dermorphin and deltorphin are potent opioid peptides found in Kambô, 4000 times stronger than morphine and 40 times stronger than endogenic b-endorphines. In the 1990’s, a new peptide, adenoregulin, was discovered at the National Institute of Health in the USA. Adenoregulin works in the human body through the adenosine receptors, a fundamental component in all human cell fuel. These receptors can offer a target for treating depression and cognitive loss ailments, such as Alzheimer’s disease. More details here.

Scientific research on the peptides of Kambô are opening up new perspectives on how the human brain works. The properties of Kambô peptides cover a wide range of potential medical uses: treatment of brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, depression, migraines, blood circulation problems, vascular insufficiency, organ diseases, skin and eyes issues, fertility problems in women and men, AID’s, hepatitis, cancer, etc. Other interesting medicinal properties of this secretion are its anti-inflammatory effects, its capacity to destroy microbes and viruses, to heal infections. Due to the presence of these nine peptides, Kambô is one of the strongest natural antibiotics and anesthetics found in the world and one of the strongest, natural ways to empower our immune system. It also cleanses the liver!

The Kambô treatments have short and long term effects. Short term, the effects are a state of alertness, good mood, enhanced resistance to tiredness, hunger and thirst, the capacity to easily concentrate and focus, and a still mind that can last for several days or weeks. Long term, Kambô empowers the immune system, overcomes fatigue and improves one’s state of health. With Kambô, we have the opportunity to wake up the body to its full natural (healing) potential. In the following Omananda film, Chana Bane – a spiritual leader of the Huni Kuin people (Kochinawa) and an indigenous medicine man who traditionally uses Kambô amongst other natural herbal medicines such as; Ayahuasca, Sananga and Xape – shows how to apply Kambô.

During treatment, Kambô immediately scans a person’s energy field and aligns it. The process is different for everyone, but the autonomous nervous system is stimulated by the medicine that works as automatic as breathing is regulated, without the person being healed having to do much, other than hold the intention of healing and go through the effects that can range from being strenuous to mild, depending on dosage and purity of the body. Some people get better in one treatment and others require more sessions. For people with addictions, results can happen fast. Complicated cases may take longer.
I have called this frog secretion a medicine, but it doesn’t really work like a typical medicine, or like a drug. Kambô activates the body’s organs, endocrine and defense systems and thus enables us to regain the bodies natural healing capacity. I personally find the frog-spirit pleasant, gentle and very loving.

Although difficult, the frogs can be found on the trees when they are singing, announcing the rain. The tribe members traditionally harvest the frogs at dawn, also singing. In some traditions only the shaman crops the frog. The frogs are extremely poisonous and don’t react when captured because they don’t have any natural predators in the forest. To harvest the secretion from the frog’s skin, the frog is stretched by strings tied to its limbs into the shape of an X.

As uncomfortable as it may look, the frog is not harmed during this procedure, and it is released afterwards in perfect health. The secretion is crystallized onto wooden sticks that can later be prepared for use by mixing the dried secretion with a few drops of water, or traditionally, human saliva. The spit of the individual taking Kambô might activate another layer of healing by submitting DNA information through the lymphatic system.

Kambô is applied by burning tiny holes in the skin with the tip of a glowing stick. This does not hurt much, nor does it leave scars. The place where the burned holes are placed can be anywhere on the body. Kambô might be used directly on meridians, energy points, chakras and so forth. The effect of Kambô is immediate, as it enters the body through the lymphatic system. The body becomes warm and the heart beats faster than normal until the person vomits the water they had been drinking in advance. All this lasts about 15-20 minutes. The after effects might last a few more hours. People who have taken toxic substances and drugs, alcohol and overly processed foods might experience longer periods. I have seen one person puke all night from three dots of Kambô that someone else applied. The person who put the spots on her left her vomiting alone in the yurt, after taking the money. This was totally disrespectful to the medicine and that person. I first apply a test-spot and wipe it off right away to see if the person might have an intolerance to this venom. People who react strongly to bee-stings or have allergies to insect bites might be prone to overreact to Kambô as well.

According to the indigenous people, Kambô is first and foremost a Spirit of the forest that is to be treated with respect. Harming the frog could offend the animal and result in severe misfortune. Tribal members say that shamans see the frog in their visions and dialogue with it. It is crucial to know your Kambo source!

Many changes have happened in the Amazon during the last century from when city people moved to the rainforest to work in the rubber factories. For some years now, Kambô has been used outside of the Amazon rainforest and it is no longer the exclusive realm of the native tribes. New uses for Kambô have come about, as people who were taught by the natives started using it outside of the indigenous tribal cultures.

In 2003, the Katukinas denounced the misuse of Kambô and accused the pharmaceutical companies who had patented Kambô peptides of bio-piracy. They claimed the rights of the medicine belonged to the Katukinas and other Amazonian tribes. In 2004 an alliance between the Katukinas and the Brazilian government formed that aimed to ensure that profits generated from the development of the Kambô’s secretion would benefit Brazil. Since then, the Brazilian government has banned the use of Kambô in Brazil and any publicity of its properties. Kambô is not a scheduled substance in America or Europe during the date of this publication. There are different philosophies among those who administer Kambô, particularly between the Katukina and the caboclos. The caboclos set more rules and restrictions in order to make Kambô treatments safe for people who are less strong than the indigenous people and might take this medicine for other reasons than for hunting or healing malaria.


Are there contraindications to applying Kambô?

Oh, yes!

Brain injuries & stokes, aneurism, blood clots
Recent surgeries or open wounds that still bleed
Pregnancy & breastfeeding mothers, with infants under one year old
Children before puberty
Organ transplant patients (due to the potential organ rejection when immunity is boosted by Kambô)
People taking immunosuppressive therapy and with autoimmune disease
Any heart condition, hight blood pressure, history of heart attack, or COPD
Addison’s Disease & Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome
Gliomas, Peptic Ulcers, Seizures
People with severe cognitive disorders unable to understand the physical processes involved
Fasting and Colonics less than 14 days prior to taking Kambô
Serious mental health conditions, whether or not on medication or undergoing other treatments, except depression
Taking (some) pharmaceutical medicines
People with lowered immunity, acute viral infections, or low T-Cell counts
Chemotherapy or radiation treatments of less than 4 weeks prior to session
Having ingested solid food less than twelve hours prior to Kambô session

Caution for people with allergies to bee stings and other insect bites. Those who have asthma should bring their inhaler.

For the caboclos, the basic treatment is three doses, given at intervals of time which depend on the capacity of the person to take Kambô. According to this method, the interval between two treatments should be a maximum of 28 days, or one moon. Longer than that, the Kambô will have to do all its work all over again. During this three month treatment the treated person gets an increasing amount of points (5-7-9). The Katukinas ingest from three to five liters of a corn soup during the night before the treatment, while the caboclos drink about two liters of water a few minutes before the application. Both the Katukina and the caboclos require that one avoids solid food and salt at least 12 hours before the treatment. It is recommended not to drink alcohol or take drugs three days prior to any Kambô skin application.

It is important to provide a safe healing space. The healer or shaman watches over the person taking Kambô and assists the process of the spirit of the Kambô doing the work. Simply holding a strong intention for healing allows the work to come through. Some participants find singing useful to soothe themselves but it’s also good to leave the person taking Kambo in their own space and go with the feeling and be welcoming and grateful for what is being offered. With Kambo, you enter into a sacred realm and an attitude of trust and gratitude is the right disposition for the experience.

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