Did you ever want to explore the world with a temporary intentional community while developing yourself spiritually towards becoming an authentic human being? Being close with other like-minded people for short periods of time can create group mind experiences where each person contributes with their unique perspective to empower and enrich the group. This is like a mastermind on the road, but we take it to another level. By traveling together, we enforce our experiences – not only moving our bodies, but transforming our minds and perspectives too. We use specific exercises and practices that enhance our natural state of being. When traveling outside the ordinary environment where we can easily get complacent, we awaken to a deeper truth. New sensations strengthen our ability to retain new information! Initiations into mystical states of consciousness are part of any Omananda journey. Tantric meditations might be practiced (not necessarily sexual). If you are interested in participating in any upcoming trips, begin by filling out this form

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