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There has never been a better time to meditate, but if you feel restless or you are anxious and you think you can’t meditate, that very thought might prevent you from actually sitting down and closing your eyes and allowing yourself to feel yourself. This is why today, I’d like to share a few things regarding that. What we can do to calm down and relax into the core of our true nature. 

If you are not familiar with meditation, today is a great day to do it, since millions of people around the world are going to do it together with a vision of more love and to remove fear from this current world wide corona crisis and shut down that prevents the rapid spread of the virus. Here is a conversion time table of when this is going to happen. This is the Unify broadcast schedule with well-known authors and spiritual leaders: 

Global Unity Meditation + Live Broadcast 04/04/2020 

Live Broadcast 10am – 10pm PDT // 

Global Meditation 7:45pm – 8:45pm PDT //




Amoda Maa

Krishna Das

Guruji Sri Vast

Michael Franti

Pujya Swamiji

John De Ruiter

Chief Phil Lane

Deepak Chopra

Romio Shrestha

Nassim Haramein 

Charles Eisenstein 

Preethaji – Oneness 

Deva Premal + Miten

Tony + Sage Robbins

Drunvalo Melchizedek

Unity Earth – Ben Bowler

HeartMath – Rollin Mcraty

Dhammakaya Foundation

Gene Keys – Richard Rudd

Crown Sterling – Robert Grant

Resonant Technologies Group – Mark Hinds

Clear Centre of Health – Beth Mcdougall MD


Due to the Coronavirus Global Pandemic we are concerned that fear is spreading more rapidly than the virus itself. Clearly a Great Transition is upon us and our response matters. The theme of this broadcast will be LOVE>FEAR. It will be available @ 


Watch this MOVIE


Also visit:


Unify’s ongoing mission & vision is World Peace through Inner Peace. Meditation is the universal practice that leads to inner peace.   Since its launch in 2012, Unify has staged mass-meditation events on the Internet that reached more than 10 Million people in over 150 countries. Please join us on this next broadcast, on 04/04/2020 that will culminate in a Global Synchronized Meditation @ 7:45pm PDT During one hour, the luminaries from the broadcast and leaders of various spiritual organizations, who represent different aspects of our earthly family, will help us all unite together. 


Feel free to share this information in your email marketing campaigns and your social media accounts. You can help us get more people to meditate together and create a bigger ripple in the spacetime continuum. The ten hour broadcast will build up the energy and inspire people to unite peacefully. Below is a graphic about this event that might be helpful to share with your networks, on your social media platforms, with your partner organizations, your friends and family. & most importantly, join us during the meditation and encourage as many people as you can to join this synchronized meditation that is expected to reach millions of people, world wide. We can do this together and move from fear to empathy, compassion, and LOVE.


I have been actively involved in the creation of Unify and helped it to survive over the years. When there are pushes like these and requirements for individuals to join the mass-events I help to create media. You can see what movies I have made for this broadcast by visiting


Have a lovely day & weekend. 


With love, Omananda 

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