Inspiring Times …

A beautiful goddess friend has been studying with Mooji for many years as his disciple, living and moving with this Jamaican’ guru through different countries and states of consciousness, with the single focus of enlightenment. She said in a recent message to me that, “I am still here in Portugal with Mooji ? Life is good and I’m happy and well. What are you up to? Love” ?

Thank’s so much for updating me! I am still in Norge now and plan to prepare to help an incredible being to tighten up a super plan (in Jan/Feb, in Asia) so we can initiate something amazing that could very well elevate and transform planetary consciousness to the next level that we require on this planet. We’ll be offering specific solutions for many things.

Personally, it’s been very transformative, going so fast these days, and in the right direction – to the light! I have been with an enlightened master for two years and received personal guidance, blessings and teachings. But when I left the ashram things really started transforming! It’s great to put into practice what I learned and help transform humanity and myself.

Please stay in touch! There will likely be a time when you’ll receive an invitation to participate. Sending so much love & blessings to you, your family, your teachers and your tribe. Please listen to you intuition to free yourself completely from all that does not serve you any longer or still might hold u back. To empower the goddess within, let go of all practices and remove the resistance to the flow of love. You are already enlightened, my friend! Nothing to realize … but breathe & share the joy with the world. To dance and celebrate … and immerse yourself in beauty. Shine your starlight onto the world …

Thank you, with love, Omananda


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