Inspired by beautiful presence

We can practice letting cosmic energy flow through and between us, naturally. In that case, we will easily see how to best collaborate and on what levels. All is Love … and we are ONE. To live in that is the ultimate fun and we can do it all together as we plant seeds of hope and joy that can grow into unlimited abundance (for all), without holding back or keeping back doors open (out of fear).

I have a very good feeling about life in general and how it’s going to unfold for those who are ready to accept the upcoming planetary changes that are knocking on our doorsteps! Life’s journey offers unlimited possibilities to actively participate in the transformative process. It is the smoothest path, at any given moment for anyone –  anywhere – and also the most fun way, to create consciously! Embodying the presence of unconditional love encourages most people to joyfully celebrate and collaborate. Discovering healthy ways of relating with one another allows us to effortlessly co-create a beautiful world together and I clearly see and feel those signs of our times on the horizon.

So, enjoy closing the doors on your old life (for real). Trust! This will likely create the groundwork for you to open to the next level where you can let those unlimited possibilities allow for a renewed perspective – an empty mind. What might eventually be coming is something so wild, none of us could ever imagine it, although I’ve been to the future and I can tell you, it’s amazing!

Big Hugs, Omananda


* In this book: Transcendental Journeys – A Visionary Quest for Freedom, Omananda describes in detail how this future looked like and how he was teleported to it.

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