If not 100% – better not at all!


If not 100% – better not at all! You can’t really say that about breathing. Because hardly ever do we use our lung capacity of hundred percent to breathe correctly. Some scholars believe that one starts hallucinating when breathing deeply. When doing exercises we breathe deeper and inhale more and thus get overall healthier.
About doing stuff in general in life, if we don’t feel it hundred percent I’d say it’s better not to do it at all. Why?
Life is too short for it to be wasted on half ass jobs or dysfunctional aPnd codependent relationships. It might make a lot more sense to take the time to relax and feel yourself fully conscious hundred percent before you can go ahead and act according to your desires.
Before that 100%-awareness, take a few 100% breathers! I am still practicing breathing consciously (because I need it)!
With love, Omananda.

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