I am an instrument of Great Spirit and I act with divine purpose

I am an instrument of Great Spirit and I act with divine purpose” has been one of my affirmations or mantras for many years that has helped me to surrender to the cosmic flow, which radiates effortlessly through my heart today.

When we naturally connect to the source of all being, an electric current passing through the torus shape that sits on top of the body, energetically aligns the individual perspective with all that is, has been, and ever will be. It purifies, inspires and energizes to connect with cosmic intelligence. When one knows that our minds project imaginary thoughts and memories to create future possibilities and that we recreate ourselves from this manufactured image, we can also be freed from this single-pointed view that can haunt us through deathly fears. What’s beyond the mind is also an essential aspect of who we are. When that’s experienced it can not be ignored any longer, even though it has not been proven (yet) by science. Putting it roughly, Western Science is ignorant of the existence of anything beyond the physical dimension and “ordinary” people are equipped only with senses that perceive the physical world. Not knowing (and living by the guidance of) the essential truth might give a person the feeling of being lost, disconnected, anxious, or lonely, but they might also feel perfectly alright. Ignorance is (not) bliss. When someone is spiritually ignorant they often misjudge a situation terribly and speak and act from this wrong view. By the way, truth as it is used here can not be defined since it is dynamic, always changing, and always now. It can only be experienced. Nobody therefore can argue about the truth that is not a philosophical concept. 

A simple way to make contact (with cosmic intelligence) is to act in unison with what we deeply know inside us and thus tap into the beyond. Thankfully, I listen to that feeling today, even though I tried a zillion times to connect with it and ignored it over and over again, misjudging people and situations, getting hurt and hurting. We are all born with this intuitive guidance system that naturally guides us if our minds are not overactive and conditioned to think otherwise – processing the past and wondering about the future. How could I have ever lost that natural feeling of connecting with the world around me and my guides, I wonder? 


Once realigned, there is always the recognition of the right time and the right place in the present moment. The experience of living then that is now is more than an observation. It’s an integration and a merging without fear. Being a caretaker requires constant surrendering to the flow of prana, qui, or love to effortlessly elevate the situation from a sometimes grave material perspective (with the inevitable outcome of death) to a positive outlook from the soul-star’s view that’s far beyond our wildest dreams and imaginary projections. Realizing simply obliterates the erroneous image of whom or what we think we might be. 

So, the following is some practical advice that might get you out of thinking and don’t think too hard about it. It’s just like dancing, so let it be.

Breathing out and holding it there, it’s a Tantric practice for advanced pupils, called Kumbhaka; breath retention. Very simple actually. Shall we try together now? Ahhhhhhh ~ The next conscious breath to take in might be very different and perhaps, one shall know what it means to truly care for this planet, for ourselves, the animals, the plants, and for each other, because we can feel them not as separate from us. In reality, they are not. Now is this time to tap into reality that is (the source of) you. Are you ready for it – to be the advanced pupil on the spiritual life path? One thing though is very important here. I share this secret with you. When this is done correctly you experience something profound in the moment, between outbreath and inbreath (and inbreath and outbreath). Time, which is thought, stretches infinitely beyond all concepts – beyond the image that you hold of yourself – and thus, liberates you completely from anything that’s attached to the thought of you.

PS: Careful not to die, or … maybe you are ready to fully surrender? That is the basic requirement of any pupil to truly advance.


Om Namah Shivaya! With love, Omananda

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