How to take responsibility of our life?

Today I responded to a social media blog-post I shared. It contained this image (with helpful and inspiring info you can read below).

One person whom I know since the mid-nineties commented as follows:

I’m guessing that if your doctor doesn’t tell you any of these things, you have a shitty doctor. Let me just say that doctors and nutritionists are not the same thing. Nor are they holistic practitioners. If you are very ill and don’t have the luxury of time to overhaul your diet, body, habits.., then you need aDOCTOR to prescribe you medication. People can ask questions and do their own research so they are informed and ask questions about this. But if you are seeking nutritional or holistic lifestyle changes… by all means sees the specialists in those fields. If you require MEDICINE and emergency trauma care, your suggestion of herbs is really quite useless. I’m not really sure what your aversion to the medical field is but it seems ridiculous to write off an entire profession because, in your opinion, doctors are not well rounded enough to provide better advice…

… to which I replied:

‘ve been into alternative healing since the mid-nineties and don’t have a doctor. I prefer to live responsibly and I help many people (including myself) with various ailments, without any type of drugs.
Thanks for your passionate reply, Cara, but lifestyle changes are not a luxury. They are essential for one’s health. And you’d be surprised how flower-power (herbs) can be incredible first-aid responders In most cases, although not all. Dragons Blood for wound care, Lavender oil for ear-infections, Feverfew for Migraines, Exercise for slipped discs (instead of surgery), Adaptogens for cancer prevention, Organ cleanses, fasting, and detoxes (for prevention of chronic conditions and allergies), sound-therapy, emotional work (as mentioned in this post) & there is so much more when you open your mind to it that you’ll see are not only “alternatives”. I have had experiences of healing myself with my hands and intentions! Look at what Joe Dispenza has been teaching (and doing). Even bone-resetting can be done naturally, as I have experienced from having close contact with Indigenous people of the Americas.
The broad issue in the West is that people give their own healing power away to a system that indoctrinates chemical responses instead of using common sense in healing. The same way as they are babied by a socio-political climate that keeps the masses trapped (in fear of taking care of their own lives).
By the way, I have experience working for many years in different hospitals, in 4 different countries. My aversion to the Western medical (scientific) system is a direct response to having witnessed medical malpractice that apparently results in 25% of all lawsuits filed in the USA. If you don’t (want to) see this, I don’t know what your vision (of life) is like. That is not up to me to change. Keep on practicing your Yoga. That’s a beautiful practice that keeps you healthy, as you probably notice. But instead of being conditioned by your mind to act by grinding, try smoothing it a bit. I’m learning that myself. However, when I see what I know has happened in the past, I am not standing by watching the world become one big concentration camp.
I know we transform together as one organism and the work happens inside each of us – from fear towards LOVE.
Something inspiring here:
& this:
(that’s where I’m at and that’s where I’m coming from)

Original post shared by Omananda from Crunchy Cottage (quoted):

We have questions ?
Why don’t doctors tell you to take magnesium instead of stool softeners (which dehydrates the bowel)?
Why don’t doctors tell you to change your diet when you have heart burn and indigestion instead of you taking Prilosec (which causes more heartburn, colon cancer, osteoporosis and leaves food fermenting in your body)?
Why don’t doctors tell you that HERBS heal? That FOOD heals? ?
Why don’t doctors teach you how to lower toxic chemicals in your home when you have constant headaches and allergies? Fragrances and chemicals cause toxic buildup in our cells and can cause more allergies and headaches!
Why doesn’t your doctor tell you to take activated charcoal for headaches, bloating/gas, skin issues, colds, the flu, food poisoning (activated charcoal bonds waste and toxins and safely removes them from the body)?
Why don’t doctors tell you about herbs and herbal teas to support immune and digestive functions (different herbs help different organs do their jobs to keep the body healthy)?
Why isn’t your doctor suggesting that you take a probiotic daily (this boosts immune function, helps clean and balance the bowel, helps regulate absorption and elimination, and keeps colds and allergies at bay)?
Why doesn’t your doctor provide you with any in depth information or package inserts for your vaccines before injecting yourself or your child (they don’t disclose that there are aborted fetal cells, cow cells, African monkey cells and dog cells, along with many other adjuvants like mercury and aluminum and formaldehyde…. none of which are beneficial to the body)?
Why don’t doctors create diet/lifestyle plans for patients and do wellness checks on a regular basis (diet and lifestyle choices are 90+% of all illnesses)?
Why don’t doctors teach the value of breastfeeding instead of telling you to use formula instead? Breastmilk is a baby’s very first defense in health outside of the womb! It adapts to what a child needs at each individual feeding, and is THE MOST powerful thing that builds and supports an immune system in a baby. ?
Why don’t doctors tell you to take supplements to boost your health prior to becoming sick (supplements/herbs/tinctures can often prevent illness by boosting immune function and help support organs with their natural functions)?
Why don’t doctors teach you that you store negative emotions in your physical body which can cause you physical pain and sickness, instead of saying you need a ? (emotions play a very significant roll in our total health, without tools to help navigate our emotions, we can easily become ill)?
Why don’t doctors tell you when they take a whole organ from your body, that you’re still going to suffer, you just will suffer in a new way (organs are all useful, we need them for many reasons, and most organs can be healed completely without removing anything)?
Why don’t doctors take a real role in helping people live better lives? Why do they set up protocols for prescriptions that most of them wouldn’t even take themselves? Why aren’t we being helped to understand total health before we get sick?
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