From Scandinavia, with Love (Autumn Updates)

Gosh … I have created this lovely website (for you to enjoy) and now I need to post in it to keep it evolving. Sure, it’s been my wish and dream to create this blog so here I go. After all, I love writing and taking pictures and sharing that. When I look at my time schedule I notice how much time I waste posting in sites like Facebook directly. So, from now onwards I will mostly post here and then link it to Facebook.

*All photography & video in this blog post has been taken with an iPhone by Omananda.

This is a selfie taken in a place called Sanctuary – a farm in Southern Sweden that is currently for sale. Contact me if you are interested. The house and land is in an amazing location, next to an ancient stone circle, of which there are many. In the following video, you’ll Ales Stenar in the back – also called the Stonehenge of Sweden. I love this place!

We found a great invention – a groovy sauna on wheels – there!

Yeah, what she’s about (check out: to eat in this shot is a normally listed as a “poisonous” mushroom, when in (our) reality, this fruit of the gods can make you giddy & witty! Although, we have not dared to chew it down YET.

All I know is that you peel the skin of the Amanita Muscaria. I learned that from a Swedish witch. Then you boil it together with ghee or other vegetable oil, such as coconut oil, into a Tibetan-style tea. I learned that from a book about Siberian shamans. Then you drink the liquid and your pee, but don’t take my word for it! I do not take responsibility for what might happen to you after drinking this sacred mushroom tea while praying. People with low blood pressure really should take care since the Amanita can lower blood pressure and I have seen people loosing their eye-sight temporarily while on it and going into near shock scenarios! I did not administer the mushrooms in that case.

Right. This is the set-up for how I recorded my audiobook Funky, ey? It’s a pumpkin head!

Well, that’s it for now. Stay tuned & close to nature. Big Hugs, Omananda

That’s “me” in the castle in Scandinavia, spiraling upwards.

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