Freeing yourself completely … what does that actually mean?


To understand what “being free” represents for an individual, we have to look at the value system of the environment and the society where the person grew up and is living right now.

Most people are born into a family that is part of a larger societal structure. We only have a few such systems that exist at the moment on this planet. There is of course, the capitalistic system, with a “free” market that is the largest and most powerful of them all. There is the USA that is an oligarchy. There are remnants of socialistic systems striving to become communistic that are crossovers and then, there are still a few tribal societies. Surely, some dictatorships and royal families still impose their control over the masses in countries like Saudi Arabia. All systems, apart from one, are based on finances, meaning that money rules them all! Only some tribal systems have a unique and different value system that gives nature-based living the highest priority. Communistic idealism has only existed in people’s heads and this impractical philosophy denies the existence of anything that could be called “sacred.”

Tribal people trade with one another. The way tribal people make decisions is very different to democratic societies, or dictatorships. In democracies, 49% can loose. In dictatorships and tyranny, everyone besides the dictator is not able to freely choose, nor are people granted free speech! But in most tribal places, decisions are made unanimously. It means if one person disagrees, the conversation is kept open until everyone comes to a decision together, and all voices are heard and equal to one another! People learn how to listen in a familiar circle like that, with respect and honor. This has worked well in smaller villages and when people have time! Applying this today with the tools we have, to use what tribal people know has worked well in the past, is an interesting thought to me! With the Internet, we have the option to use computer technology that could decentralize the decision-making process and give more power and responsibility (back) to the people. Back, because we all used to live in large tribes before dogmatic religious fanatics killed and enslaved most of us who did not bend to the cross or the sword.

In most democracies, political parties collaborate with each other. Opposing viewpoints give the impression that there is freedom of choice when voting for that left or right wing party. Unfortunately, the system is partially rigged; not only by money, but the power it can buy (the politicians)! Cleisthenes, an Athenian lawgiver, invented democracy roughly 2500 years ago and it means; ruled by the people. That’s along time ago!

In our modern day world, it is required either by law, or it’s a so-called human right, that people exercise the right of voting. The laws made in that society by the electorate and multiple levels of rules apply to all people living in that framework. Everyone is forced through law-enforcement to live by those rules and people not capable are punished accordingly. The problem is that some systems of society impose themselves on others, saying mine is better than yours. So, we have the USA who wages war not only in the name of democracy, but also in the name of spreading the imperialistic agenda through the military industrial complex. Autsch! Millions have been killed like that, and trillions were spent. How can this madness be topped?

When high-ranking politicians are corrupt, and sometimes they are, they would NOT act for the common good of the people, but for selfish incentives, such as, making a large profit. Marx and Engels in their admirable attempt to create a better societal structure failed miserably because they did not consider human nature at it’s cruelest and most aggressive. Ordinary people pay a high price for not being free and they are often exploited like cattle. Native Americans still fight hard to protect the land, the animals, the plants, Mother Nature and the people. It’s a bloody fight that those with less firepower often loose. Mahatma Gandhy won with non-violence, but he was shot too.

When tribal people are still integrated, they know how to live in a close and often-sacred relationship with nature and each other. But even them, when they are exposed to modern world inventions, tend to move away from the simple way of living the natural life. And who can blame them for it? I grew up behind a wall that did not give us access to brand-products that we wanted very much! As a species, we have nearly lost our natural roots and are at this point burning down the tree of life that keeps us alive. Our resources are not endless on this planet. We all start to know that, but none of us know how to rapidly change our imprint.

Being free from the financial structure is one way of achieving freedom and perhaps a crucial one, if we are to survive any sort of devaluation, or digitization of currency, and ecological collapse of our planetary eco-systems. Life is, and we are, all so very precious and connected! What each of us does reflects what other’s do and vice versa! If you think you can’t make an impact, watch what happens when you and your friends only shop organic! The shop changes quickly and adapts to the conscious consumer’s choices and demands in that particular region. If we look at our hard-earned money as cosmic energy that is the real glue that holds the universe together (prana/qui), we can affect this material world with our daily financial choices that should not be controlled and manipulated by the TV, multinational’s, social networks, or money itself. If you don’t have enough cash on hand, you can’t choose wisely how to invest into a more sustainable future with clean technology and energy, ecological buildings, eco-furniture, organic clothes, or bio-food.

Exaggerated desires from over-stimulation of all sorts of mumbo-jumbo advertisement have distorted the life-vision of the majority of the, once upon a time sane, homo-sapiens-sapiens, and created the homo-materialistico, where winning the lottery or becoming a millionaire is mistaken for supreme happiness and total liberation. The result of this grave misunderstanding that most people are trapped in – the materialistic world-view – creates an increasingly polluted and expensive world, where the individual, or the core-family, tries to make ends meet. The majority of voters take their voting right as an expression of freedom in the democratic system that gives nobody the choice to vote the system out altogether! And how could we, when we do not have anything better to offer than what is available right now? Giving your vote to a system means that you are accepting this system and this is the very core of how people are controlled by the system. When you give your vote to your society, even when you know it’s not working, it automatically controls you! How does it do that? Because you give your power away to someone else who decides over your fate! But, how can we get out of this loophole, or can we not? Anyone smart enough can ask the question if there is a better way and if so, how that would look like?

I know that anything is possible and the only constant is change. If all systems function on money and money controls governments, politicians, superpowers, multinational corporations and anything else we do, don’t we have to look at how we relate to money and how much value we attach to this currency? If tribal societies, like the Native American people, who were millions before they were brutally slaughtered, did not use money to live and the universe does not need money to create planets, solar systems and galaxies, why are we so obsessed with it as human beings, and so controlled by it? I am not a communist, but I do like the communistic vision of a society that functions entirely without money, although idealistic, without the corruption of the human heart. I have a better system to call it something else: Communalism! I have seen it for years and I see conscious and intentional communities sprouting all over the planet, with people growing gardens and recreating paradise, living fully sustainable guided by tribal people’s wisdom! It’s like a conscious mycelium overgrowing the planet, or what will be left of it, after we ruined it. Fruiting bodies (the communities) might well outgrow, or overgrow, what is falling apart (contemporary society).

To free yourself you have to free your brothers and sisters too and live with them the way you know best from your heart. Paying into war and misery with taxes and your work-power is a sad way to live, for anyone. If we’d all stop paying now, together, who could go on controlling us the way it’s done today? But there is inner work to do as well and that inner work is huge for any of us. To liberate from the paralyzing delusions of the mind is not an easy task for anyone, or a quick one. And doing so completely, without money, is also not that simple. Life is not that simple, but when we set our goals to creating a better world together so that we can all be free, we have taken that important step, which might bring us back to paradise. One day,  the place we know exists – not in heaven but on Earth – will be manifested, especially when we work together on using our planet as the resource for living in a garden of Eden.

The development I see in so called “democracies” is very dangerous. People are voted into power, mostly men, who make extremely selfish decisions. They surely know nothing about respecting nature, the planet, or the people! This selfishness is what’s ruining our beautiful Earth, without none of us can live in abundance, sharing joy, love and happiness with one another, no matter if male or female, what religion, belief, color or race. Tribal people survived this long, because they are together and realize their underlying unity. They still remember where they come from (nature) and the circle of life.

Freedom comes as an expression of joyful living and anything that is philosophical has not much of an impact on the world. It’s like a pre-production. We saw it with Marx and Engels. They have brought oppression and death with their minds, revolution and killing. That is no solution to finding lasting happiness, especially when the concept of God (no matter if it exists or not) is eradicated! Starting by killing oppressors and bleeding people to death, building walls and teargassing, or shooting at innocents is no way to get out of the treadmill of suffocation and oppression! Selling weapons is neither.

We got to be a lot smarter as a species and evolve very quickly if we want to survive and come together through multicultural expression and celebration, thus elevating our vibration collectively so we can manifest from that, accordingly. I have been blessed to participate in this process for nearly three decades, but there is so much, much more to do and be. We need everyone’s help right now so that we can make it! Would you, yes you, consider changing your life radically and do what you are here for and live your purpose to manifest your dreams so that you can complete your mission on Earth? You don’t know your mission? Do a vision quest then! I know how easy it is to tune out and watch movies, or do stuff that burns time, so we don’t have to look at the painful picture of the mass-extinction we are causing with our unconscious consumer mentality.

Surely, being free does not only depend on outside factors. It also depends on our attitude, which is an expression of our environment and our inner landscape, but often it’s a combination of both. How do we even know what is going on within us and become aware of our subconscious patterns that rule us all from deep within us? Yes, it makes all the difference in the world, if we are a reactionary basket case or proactively create, according to our dreams and visions that have been encoded with a cosmic perspective. We are all cosmic beings. The choice is yours, or is it not? Are you (just) a materialistic slave? Your choice will define our collective future. I choose the conscious perspective change! Will you, too? The more of us there are, the quicker we will be; The Shining Star.


NOTE: This article has not been English edited


Torsten Klimmer is the author of Transcendental Journeys – A Visionary Quest for Freedom

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