Freak out & lose all common sense?

Here is Moderna’s white sheet – those are the people selling the vaccine. They claim mRNA vaccines to be safe, although there are no long-term studies confirming that. They also claim that vaccines to prevent infectious diseases are the greatest medical innovation of all time. Perhaps, they are. However, vaccines should not be imposed on anyone, in my humble opinion, certainly not by governments with (corrupt) politicians, or medical institutions. It should remain a free choice. Countries enforcing masks will likely enforce mass vaccinations too. That is my wild guess & by the way, I have had close relatives with Covid (and I had it myself). Some people died. However, only 1% of coronavirus infections lead to mortality! Freak out & lose all common sense?
The question remains unanswered in this grand medical experiment; how many vaccinations will truly lead to mortality due to long-term effects, like cancer, which won’t be officially related to any vaccine, if it occurs, and how many vaccines and pandemics will we have to deal with, once the door has been opened to free reign of multinational corporations in this imperialistic nightmare?
I also thought your IQ was not below average, but people, like yourself, calling others stupid fail to realize that we are all ONE. Trapped in spiritual ignorance means to seperate yourself from the whole and that to me is the greatest stupidity of all.

These words were inspired from a social media reply of someone asking if one was to take the vaccine, to which the poster replied that he would and to which I replied:

No fucking way! Why? Translate this! From the Swiss doctor’s board:

Someone else said, “Torsten… keep you uneducated ideas to yourself before your liable for someone else’s death. I try not to interject every time i see garbage like your promoting because I also don’t have a degree in epidemiology. Neither does the person your promoting!”
To which I said, “Hi, The link is to doctors and they do understand. They are scientists. Perhaps, read it, with an open mind?”
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