Flower Power — Hawaiian Baby Wood Rose


  We took the bitter-tasting seeds in powder form at around 10 pm in a chai tent with some tea. I felt nauseous soon after we ingested it and could hardly sit up. My vision was blurred. Spirit did not seem as affected from this poisonous stuff as I was, so she helped me back to our tent, where I spent the entire night crying my eyes out. During the first third of this powerful medicine journey, I became fully aware of the negative aspects of my past in which I had hurt others throughout many lifetimes. Selfish karmic deeds were revealed to me in great detail and I felt very regretful and sorry about what I had done and how I had treated my brothers and sisters. I had acted with a self-centered attitude that was based on the illusion of separation. This purely imagined and exaggerated egocentric self-identity had caused much misery for myself and those I had come in contact with, during this life-time and over eons. When confronted with this huge amount of heavy information, I reasoned that I did not deserve to live any longer. All I could imagine doing in that moment, as overwhelmed as I was in response to this terrible feeling about myself, was to travel to Varanasi where I longed to spend my last days by the holy Ganga River awaiting my doomed destiny. I was sure that the universe had preordained me to perish as a result of my bad karma, and I was weeping.

  After what must have been many hours of dragging this heavy baggage around, an inner vision slowly arose. I was walking on top of a very steep and icy mountain path that was sharp like a razor’s edge. I had to carefully balance, as to avoid slipping, or cutting my feet. Falling to either side would have led to my immediate death, or so I thought. This walk on the razor’s edge of this medicine-induced vision required my full attention. I stayed fully focused on the negative karmic imprints that reflected on the left side of the mountain as I remembered deeds through which I could recognize a pattern. As I continued to walk on this high ridge in a slow forward motion, the right side of the mountain gradually began to take shape, as if forming an image from the misty clouds. A view into my potential future arose, seemingly out of nowhere, that magically revealed how I could become a better person — someone who acts with kindness, empathy, compassion, and love instead!

  I felt that I was slowly, but surely, reprogrammed on deeper psychological levels and gradually started to feel a little bit better about myself. The negative past began to fade into what could be a more positive, possible future. The alignment of my drive to survive overrode my fear of dying. This helped me to realize psychologically that change is inevitable and necessary for my life to continue along the newly constructed neurological pathways. I was rewired during this unbelievably potent Hawaiian Baby Woodrose experience. I became more lucid and clear as time passed and eventually visualized myself as a healthier individual. My dedication and willingness to implement these potential positive changes were confirmed and increased during this spiritual alignment that left a strong impression in my consciousness.

  During the final third of that long journey, I could eventually crawl out of the tent where a loose crowd of friends were gathered. They noticed that something was happening to me and had listened to the heavy crying coming from our camp all night long. My eyes were swollen and, at that point, I still believed I would go to Varanasi and die. I was still crying as I put on my glasses. We went sunbathing at the lake where I looked around at all the people enjoying themselves. I still felt sorry for myself that I could not participate amongst the living any longer and that I had wasted my chance here on Earth and was destined to die. But a few hours later the experience settled down for me and I was left with an elated feeling of hope and joy! An incredible surge of renewing life-energy helped me to realize that I was given another chance to do better in this life. I thus made a heartfelt prayer that was more like a pact with Source to never let my dark past rule me again from that moment onwards.

  Once more, a potent plant teacher had taught me another powerful lesson. At the time, I remember asking myself, “What does it take to free myself from the bonds of limitation?” The answer I received was, “Using medicines like these!” My dramatic experience with the Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds showed me that the strength of such natural occurring herbs very much deserves the name FLOWER POWER!



* This excerpt of a story has been published in Transcendental Journeys – A Visionary Quest for Freedom.

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