First Aid Natural Response to CoronaVirus

As a three decades world traveler, professional medical personnel, and a potential coronavirus survivor, I would like to share how I overcame my (very likely) coronavirus attack with a Natural CoronaVirus First Aid Response that I developed on the fly. My experience could potentially save lives and it’s not irresponsible to point people to it. But before I share my Natural CoronaVirus First Aid Response with you (for FREE), I’d like to also the following words that are a translation from an inspiring friend and sound therapist, Constance Mattheus who asks:

“Does this crisis have meaning and benefits for us as human beings?” Yes absolutely. It slows down our marathon, reveals and leads us back to ourselves, teaches us to appreciate life again, to work for the weaker and to examine the issue of existential fears once more.
There are no so-called “coincidences” and no senseless processes, neither in our individual life paths nor in the collective happenings of mankind. So the virus is no “accident” or “man-made”, but an effective part of the transformation of the consciousness of mankind in order to develop further.
What does the virus do in us and in our lives?
We can now decelerate further and further, look inside instead of rushing through life and distracting ourselves from many external stimuli. It slows down our overheated, complex life and leads us to the essential – silence and to ourselves, so we can be the change that we want to see in the world!”

Okay, Constance is beautiful, inside-out. I am not that positive yet and I would not call her naive, because anything is possible for anyone, but it’s not that easy to make the fundamental changes that are required to change the picture of “our reality” from fear to love, from self-doubt to self-realization. However, this essential change is coincidentally also our final destination that ultimately leads us all to the ascension. The real star burns inside us all as the eternal flame eliminating all shadows in its brilliant glow. 

So, let’s not forget that the strongest power in the universe and the only reality is (tataaaa), LOVE – a love that’s so real that if it’s gone, the sense of living is simply lost. Have you ever felt lost? It’s having forgotten love – the creative energy of the cosmos that’s inside us all. Well, not exactly. It’s flowing through us and when it’s not, we are disconnected from that source of all being. Scientists of course would argue that love is just a chemical reaction, but that’s not completely true. On the physical level it might be so, yes, but the physical dimension is not all there is. We are connected through intricate networks of building blocks of life that communicate through vibration. Scientists often and only look with senses that can sense the physical. The same it is with our minds and their instruments. Fortunately, our beating hearts beat together right now in this instant. Can you feel that and can you feel yourself through your heart-space? Is this not where and how we are all connected? And is it not especially important to center our energy wherever we are in our heart center and calm down? In this sense, Constance is right. Of course, she’s a woman! They are mostly right. You know why? Because they are naturally in tune with the feeling of being empathic mothers. So, follow her advice and use this time in quarantine to center and reconnect with yourself. How? Medidate, draw, write, play. Turn off your electronic devices and stop reading the news. There is nothing to be afraid of, but ever more so – to love. Love and time heals all wounds and real love is truly timeless. You can heal yourself, as I did, in case you do get infected with the coronavirus or are trapped in fear of getting it. Follow the protocol what I did when I got it, although my case was not confirmed when it occured in Thailand mid January 20202. Maybe it helps you too, as long as you have the remedy in your preparedness first aid kit. Don’t underestimate the natural healing power of Mother Nature that’s inside you too and all around us.

When I suddenly got sick in Thailand, where I lived for the last four months, after going to an ecstatic dance where many people got sweaty, cuddly, and close with each other, I felt a strangeness arising inside myself. My visa was expiring and I needed to urgently go on a visa-run to Malaysia to renew it. I could not avoid this journey and while traveling got more sick. I arrived in a four star hotel in Penang with a high fever while shaking. The terrible headaches and body pains and the fever lasted for two days. I instinctively stopped eating and could not leave the bed. I knew that I had a serious condition and that this was no ordinary flu. Being so sick reminded me of the time when I had Typhoid fever in India. It was just as heavy! Nothing improved much until I took a zip from a 200 ppm (stong) colloidal silver bottle I was traveling with. Colloidal silver is usually in my travel kit. I also manufacture Wild Chaga Extract that with an ordinary flu often helps to instantly kill the virus, but in this case it was not happening. The Chaga nonetheless helps to boost natural immunity. First, I thought what attacked me might be dengue, but I felt an instant lung condition that is atypical for dengue fever. Nor did I have the bloody rushes that dengue commonly produces after a few days of not getting better.

Shortly after I took the colloidal silver the headaches vanished completely and the fever went down. I isolated myself with a full blown bronchitis. My deep lung was slightly infected. I could feel rumbling in my lower lungs, which points to the beginning symptoms of pneumonia – all signs are common for the coronavirus. There was no tonsillitis, no running nose, and nothing in my throat throughout the entire process. I am now in Panama that is on lock-down like so many other countries. I would say to stay away from potential infectious areas and crowds and get yourself some colloidal silver supply – 200 ppm plus! You can make it yourself and share it with friends. Don’t be afraid, but be filled with love and don’t panic. 

If you’d like more info about colloidal silver, listen to this podcast that contains very interesting information from someone who has healed herself from MS using colloidal silver. There are many conditions that can be treated with non-toxic colloidal silver, apparently also coronavirus, and the podcast covers most of the info you’d need to know. I am not trying to sell anything here. This is pure love-based sharing. Medical doctors are not allowed to spread this information. They could lose their license if they do. In Italy they did not know how to stop the advancement of the virus and people dying. I might have died if I had no way to stop the attack and colloidal silver clearly stopped the virus. If it was not corona, it was an “ordinary” flu. Chances are it was the coronavirus, but I can not be sure about that. What I am sure about is that colloidal silver helped me! 


PS: What I am sharing here is my personal experience. I am NOT claiming to treat, diagnose or cure any disease. It might not work like this for other people, but it might and if it does, it is a responsibility to share it. So, I did! You can share it with others also. Don’t crucify me for it. Some people have. 

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