My special connection with the didgeridoo

I would like to share my very special connection to the instrument I have been playing for many years – the didgeridoo. I made a special edition of agave didgeridoos and in the following video you can watch how it’s done: (You can also buy them in the shop).

I gave my first Vibrational Sound Healing with a didgeridoo in the mid-nineties. Since then, I have witnessed miraculous results in numerous uplifting and deeply transformational personal and group healing sessions that I offer in combination with visionary consultations and guided meditations.

Playing didgeridoo with specific overtones closely over a person’s body typically causes their muscles to relax, but sometimes they also convulse. The sound waves of the didgeridoo deeply penetrate the human body. They can be felt strongly going through the flesh and bones. When these energetically cleansing sound patterns and vibrations brush through the bodily tissues, healing naturally occurs through alignment. A well-executed vibrational sound healing with a didgeridoo can restore the original geometry and create balance and harmony within a bodily system and its ethereal surroundings. The grounding and relaxing sound fields that the instrument generates connect to the frequency of the earth’s resonant field. Vibrational didgeridoo healing activates the body’s electromagnetic bio-circuits and effects the individual on quantum (particle) levels.

Through intuitive perception, while using detailed prayers, the healer tunes into the area in need of cleansing. Tense tissues relax when correlated issues that exist within the body-mind-complex are released. Relaxation transforms disease into ease. Truth and wisdom results when the uncorrupted life source enters our bodies from the heart-space and obstacles (blockages) are thus removed. I am truly grateful for the gift to bestow that onto others and myself. Healing always interested me.

Many healers’ paths begin with self-healing and so did mine. Mystical and magical experiences that I speak about in my book literally woke me up from a long and ignorant, deep sleep. I used to work professionally in hospitals where I understood that most doctors do not treat their patients as an integral aspect of the whole. Allopathic medicine often isolates parts of the body. Sometimes entire organs are cut out and pharmaceutical (chemical) drugs are used to kill so-called foreign invaders. I know there are areas where Western Medicine has made huge advances – cardiology, ophthalmology, trauma-therapy, perinatal, ICU, ER, and so many other fields, where people’s lives are saved. But for a spiritual and healthy (non-toxic) approach to healing and restoring balance in the mind and body, my experiences with natural holistic methods have shown (me) that non-invasive, although highly effective, techniques do exist to deliver powerful and instant healing. Vibrational Sound Healing with a didgeridoo is a wonderful healing method that allows transformations to take place not only on the physical, but also on the metaphysical level. Bundle that with visualization, movement-therapy, and meditation that I teach in combination with the therapeutic sessions, the results can be phenomenal.

Important Note: Western Science is still in denial about the existence of the metaphysical reality, which can not be proven and therefore science does not accept it (to be real). Although, scientists come up with all kinds of estranged concepts about our world when no concept can ever be good enough to fully comprehend the depths on which our existence is based on. Take divine love for example. Does love have to be proven, or can it even be? Have we not all felt it at one point in our lives? Maybe we have forgotten how to love? But who has the authority to say anything whatsoever, because they studied chewed up information from the past? Tesla received his information through visions in the moment and scientists like Eddison laughed about Tesla, because they could not scientifically understand how that could be. It requires the eye of a mystic, looking inward with the heart, to fully understand oneself and the world in which we live, instead of (only) outwardly seeking the answers by looking through microscopes and telescopes and processing sensory information from a material perspective, with the limited capacity of a preconditioned mindset that usually filters and interprets all facts accordingly. Most people who have tapped into the mystical (deathless and eternal) realm, who have gone beyond the ordinary perception and returned to tell the tale, can not live in denial and spiritual ignorance any longer. A true awakening affects any individual’s healing process tremendously and the people blessed with the gift to receive such transmissions are illuminated and surrounded by a healing love-light. The following video demonstrates how a vibrational sound healing with a didgeridoo looks and sounds like. (Use headphones to listen to the binaural sound recording.)

I realized in the mid-nineties, after practicing yoga and meditation, that the awareness naturally expands while playing didgeridoo, which is also a type of pranayama (4th limb of yoga). My didgeridoo sound healing and therapeutic sessions have helped many people relieve pain, tension, anxiety, and clear physical and psychological blockages. I am honored to be in a position to help suffering individuals – sometimes a great deal. In the beginning I was amazed to see the results, but now it’s often that miracles do happen. I can’t promise that every time, but I pray with gentle love and kindness for healing to occur. I give everything during a vibrational sound healing that can go deep fast! It often transports people directly into cosmic spheres. The person typically loses their body consciousness for a moment and floats through space, or it feels like that. That’s when they are renewed and realigned, filled up with divine love, the healing light from the cosmic source that penetrates all realities and dimensions.

Omananda is the author of Transcendental Journeys – A Visionary Quest for Freedom and the filmmaker of Liquid Crystal Vision

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