Dear magical space being(s)

Dear magical space being(s).

There is LOVE – the greatest experience of all, freely available and accessible to all. That is the cosmic joke!

“Aurora” Fine Art Photography, by Omananda

The following is a response to this news article on CNN from Nov. 17th, 2018.

That’s “just” one guy the Saudi prince killed (according to CIA & CNN resources). What about the million people starving in Yemen right now he’s directly responsible for? Are these human beings less important than a reporter? What about the weapon sales to countries such as Saudi Arabia and elsewhere that have been justified with economic growth and profit oriented thinking by the USA and other Western Nations? Aren’t those crimes to humanity? Why are the responsible Western politicians and regimes are not held accountable or being charged with mass-murder in this very moment? Why is the media quite about that, if mainstream media giants are NOT controlled by multinational corporations and, or the individuals behind the curtain? Aren’t reporters smart enough to follow simple logic. Common sense of any sane and intelligent human being tells us that selling deadly weapons is a moral violation, especially when many sacred scriptures teach that “non-violence is the highest religion” and “Thou shall not kill.” According to the cosmic law of Karma, if you understand it, killing leads to more killing, violence to more violence, loving to more loving, giving and sharing to more of that. Whatever we collectively feel, visualize, think, verbalize and do manifests accordingly. Simple, really! You want your dream manifested now? Dream wisely and free yourself, before you go for either; the fairy tale or the nightmare.

I ask, who is brave enough to get up and stand in the light, to defend the right of mother Earth and not just keep on rotating the garbage of mindless babble, with self-inflicted dramas stirred up by mass and social media consumption. Will you let that egocentric maniac within you define the signs of our times? What a dire state and meme mankind (or unkind) seems to be trapped in, since eons. How can we be free of his-story? If judgment day was real, or God exists, those responsible of suffering (each and every one of us not strong enough to be real) would be punished in a place called hell. Sad little world we created for ourselves when cosmic truths are so apparent to those who dare to take their head out of the shit (of spiritual ignorance) while looking up to the shining star(s), bursting into laughter and igniting flames of the spiritual fire.

I just feel love (today), even though it might not sound like that. But that’s all there is when it comes down to it and appears simply by itself. Beyond this material illusion, a network of cosmic enigmas that you and I are a part of begins to show like a mirage out of nowhere. Love is not just pretty and tasty, like mother’s milk. It too can be a deception, because it also is ruthless and raw, like a bittersweet pill many don’t dare to swallow in this domesticated, isolated and fearful state so many of us seem to be trapped in. When the mouths and minds of our sacred vessels (the body) are too filled up with toxicity and addictive behavioral patterns, we easily become like slaves controlled from sucking lollipops of materialistic self-imposed ideas that clog our sense-organs and close our bodily holes and minds. Being locked up leaves no chance for intergalactic, divine (space) beings, or love, to enter, allowing deep cleansing on molecular levels so that we can reorganize the bodily structure and heal, revealing the very essence of who or what we are – more powerful than a tsunami, a hurricane, an earthquake, or raging firestorms. We are magical creatures, every single one of us, capable of creating the internal ®-evolution, in this very moment!

To wake up, beautiful people, that’s why we are here, to resurrect the Christ within us (not outside us), to be (re)-born (again), into the LIGHT. Stand up for (y)our birth-right and your brothers’ and sisters’ too. Unite! There is no division between us and them, the planet and our bodies, God and you, and I. Don’t waste more time worshipping false icons. You are the one you have been waiting for! Don’t wait no more. Together, we are running out of time!

It sounds like a cliché when I say, or write, that: “We are ONE.” But as ONE LOVE, with countless manifestations, we can rejoice together, while recognizing and respecting our individuality. Dare to stare into the light and merge to transform all you come in contact with, during this divine presence. You CAN begin with the man or woman in the mirror, not tomorrow, not in another lifetime, but NOW. Life on Earth depends on each and every one of us in this very moment. Especially on you, too! Procrastinate no more. Please listen with your heart to what I am saying.

I personally thank you for choosing to wake up, because it is a personal choice and we are all free to choose freedom! It is our ultimate purpose and the great opportunity we have been given as human beings on this planet during these special times. Don’t be fooled by the pretty pictures and enticing advertisements, or run around trying to catch your tail (if you still had one).


With Love, Omananda

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  • धन्य Atma

    Namaste Omananda ??

    I liked what you wrote!
    Really nice reminders to those who needs it.
    And bringing some light into current situation in Yemen and Saudi Arabia situation and all big nations and weapon industry behind supporting the madness.
    And the fact média is silent about this genocide of the people of Yemen.

    So indeed the best we can do is to WAKE UP realise our true power, and UNITE ????

    Thank you for many GOoD word’s and remindings ??

    Kind regards from Dhanya Atma aka Aurora-Maria

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