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  In my travels around the world, I have observed that human beings are not sufficiently conscious enough (yet) to implement some basic, although necessary, changes to move collectively into a peaceful space of oneness. To thrive in abundance, we have to simplify our lives greatly and create the shift in perspective that is required today. To remove the obstacles to the process of awakening would enable us to freely share our beneficial technologies for the use and happiness of all living beings. Surely, many technologies already exist today for us now to embody the principles of love, compassion, empathy, and common sense so that we could support cooperative, sustainable biodynamic Eden-style farming all over the earth. But we have to raise our collective consciousness to realize and create more clean conservation zones of scarce resources to preserve the large swaths of untouched nature that still exist in many portions of our outstanding planet. We are mother nature, who has the capacity to recuperate and regenerate, if we give her a chance to and relax into this moment. Instead of trying to mold nature according to our desires that are a clear expression of our misunderstanding about the world (that we are separate from all that is), we should really learn how to take care of the environment that has created us in the first place!

  We see more famine, disease and the extinction of entire species because we are hurting our planet, when we are actually part of the earth! Most human beings believe that they can claim ownership over parts of the earth and other sentient beings. That is so ludicrous to me! Humanity looks for other planets because we are destroying our very home! Nothing in the universe can save us. We have to save the creatures in the universe from us — a completely gone haywire species! The first step in my humble opinion as an earthling is to save earth and change our ruthless behavior. We have given money the highest priority! Amongst the billions of sentient beings on this beautiful earth, every single life counts as much as yours or mine, but not in terms of financial value as consumers and taxpayers. But in the eye of the beholder! Every creature, once born, is part of the living organism here on earth and wants to live and not be exploited. We are here for a reason other than making money and paying bills to a system that is designed to profit a few. Surely, you could be or become the next billionaire, but what is it good for when you have to live in a bunker and if you come out, which you couldn’t, there is an irradiated and poisoned environment.

  The day the majority of people unite as one human family to protect the rights of planet earth will be the day that marks the change we have all been waiting for. But as long as we keep waiting for that day to come and go on about our normal business, either negatively pointing out signs of doomsday, or thinking that positive change might come from politicians and law enforcement instead, nothing much will really change for the better. Change has to come from within you, and each and every one of us (including myself)! If the human species, which means you, I, and the majority of everyone else doesn’t manage to shift energetically in time and create a harmonious balance among each other and within ourselves, between the men and women, the mind and heart, the internal and external subjectively perceived reality, it is just a matter of time before humanity will annihilate itself as a result of man’s stupidity and greed.

  Ruthless, heartless, criminally minded, profit-oriented, and self-centered people holding powerful positions have prevented futuristic sustainable technologies from succeeding on our planet that could have been implemented decades ago. Geniuses like Nikola Tesla foresaw us living in abundance on Earth filled with love and cosmic consciousness and without the idea that everything has to be for sale. But his laboratory was burned to the ground and his research papers stolen! Today, women are still fighting not to get abused by men and a lot of people have to struggle for the basics, like access to clean drinking water! The task of removing old outdated paradigms seems humongous when everybody holding onto power does so largely as a result of the illusion of separation. Being Love and sharing unlimited and unmeasurable amounts of it has always been, and always will be, the final solution and answer to all of humanities, often self-inflicted, problems that obviously result from the lack of compassion, or love in action.

  But do we have enough time to change the prevailing paradigm from fear and scarcity to love and abundance? Leading theoretical physicist, cosmologist, and bestselling author Stephen Hawking does not think so. Based on our common laws and social order, I would have to agree with him, but there is something else that might change the course of our foreseeable future. I hope so!

  Buckminster Fuller once suggested that instead of spending energy on dismantling a dysfunctional system, we should focus on building a new functional system instead, but everyone lives on the same planet! Albert Einstein said that it is impossible to change a system with the same consciousness that created it. Our planet and our collective future requires the long awaited consciousness shift so that we can co-create a harmonious society, which is capable of moving towards a peaceful, abundant, and unified co-existence with nature and each other.

  Does it not make sense to internationally outlaw weapons trade and focus instead on peaceful collaboration rather than war and destruction? If the current political and financial power structures on our planet do not support the harmonious co-creation amongst human beings, due to power hungry and profit-oriented corrupted thinking, we need to turn away from what we have been doing until now and change radically! Healing our violent human his-story can be done by recognizing her-story. Our earth mother offers us powerful plant teachers to heal and expand consciousness and since we have already discovered them and know how to use them, let’s start doing so on a much more broader scale!

  With the help of existing sacred ceremonial technologies we can readily manifest an awakened and enlightened civilization together. All biological keys to unlocking higher human potential are designed for a very specific purpose within this game of life. They are indeed greatly needed so that we can advance towards our next evolutionary step in due time, and evolve! They do not only heal our addiction to power, money, and all sorts of sensual gratifications, they also awake us collectively!

  Sacramental plants and fungi are indeed an important form of medicine for humanity, since they can help a healthy individual and the group they are sharing it with to tap into the life-giving source and become potentially freed from spiritual ignorance. Energetic and emotional blockages that prevent access to the universal life force and its higher vibration are often removed during potent healing ceremonies, which can be experienced as painful, joyful, or both. Good shamanic medicines are strong, ancient, and incorruptible, but the real healing always comes from experiencing unconditional cosmic and divine love.

  Humanity’s sciences and their influence on Western cultures have taken most of us a long way away from our tribal societal structures and native living arrangements, even denying the existence of spirits, a soul, or energetic bodies. Today, most governments do not allow the distribution or consumption of any mind-expanding substances (yet), like ayahuasca, peyote, psychedelic mushrooms, LSD, and others like it that can provoke the experience of the divine within a person — entheogens.

  The imposition of illegality has dramatically reduced the spectrum of effective techniques for consciousness-raising, and the frequency of such, experiences people can enjoy. As a result of widespread government prohibitions the use of sacred plants and fungi seems very limited in most contemporary Western societies today. Those working with these plants and substances are incriminating themselves and sometimes have to face tough penalties as a result of propagating these powerful game-changers.

  When LSD was made illegal in the sixties, the hippy revolution that created a powerful anti-war movement with a euphoric wave of art and hope across the world was brutally beaten down by the American police, beginning in Chicago, where I started my world travels! Timothy Leary was US enemy number one. John Lennon and Kennedy were brutally and mysteriously murdered. Woodstock and large week-long psychedelic music events were suggested as the ideal ritual-setting for taking LSD in large groups for collective transformation by the most experienced psychology doctors. These professionals had experimented with psychedelics in human trials and later presented at the Albert Hofmann symposium in Basel.

  A plethora of documentary evidence and testimony from all around the world provide more than sufficient proof that sacred plant ceremonies can provoke individual awakenings that are very real and lasting. Many people previously ignorant of the fact that empathy and compassion are the natural state of a human being have used such ceremonies to re-discover their true self. Sacred medicine ceremonies have the potential to remove the limited mindset many people have been programmed with. The real work starts after one has seen their true potential and needs to integrate that realization into their everyday lives. This awareness can help guide the individual in their quest towards becoming a better person and a more constructive member of the human race. Although sacred plants and substances are not the only tool available, they can be the key to efficiently open the doors of perception to a more aware state of consciousness.

  Surely, it would be a wonderful thing for politicians to willingly participate in an ayahuasca or peyote ceremony. Committing to the process of raising their consciousness and connecting with an ancient source of deep wisdom, before arriving at conclusions on how to make decisions that affect many people, would be one effective way for our countries to obtain wiser leaders. But sacred medicine ceremonies are still widely outlawed, and mostly due to propaganda, many people who attend them are often discriminated against, misunderstood, and even looked down upon for taking part in practices of so-called “primitive civilizations.” The truth is, these natural keys to unlocking consciousness have been used traditionally all around the world since time immemorial for a very specific reason!

  These natural keys to unlocking a higher human potential were used before the invasion of ambitious monarchs, conquerers, and today, certain politicians who sometimes push imperialistic agendas on the majority of the people, to severely exploit and irreversibly damage the natural order on our amazing planet. Sacred substances and even shamanic drumming practices still remain prohibited in some places. Although, many government officials have experienced being drunk before despite the knowledge that alcohol can be a deadly intoxicant. Most officials may not even be aware that drinking alcohol is far more dulling to consciousness than the ingestion of psychedelics in healing ceremonies or even parties.

  Any decently educated person understands statistics and alcohol is one of the biggest killers! Ironically and despite the many dangers of ingesting alcohol, it is commonly used and accepted in political circles, probably because it is legal. I know of a curandero who gave ayahuasca to a high-ranking German minister who really saw the potential of this ancient technology. Regrettably, the politician was not able to openly talk about it. I cannot mention his name, or he could loose his position in the government because he took an illegal drug!

  Ironically, getting addicted to the use of psychedelics like mushrooms, ayahuasca, or peyote is highly unlikely. In fact, these sacred plants have been shown to heal people from addictions to far more potentially damaging things, including unhealthy eating patterns, watching television, pornography, sex, video games, and other destructive physically and/or psychologically ingrained habits.

  The Swiss psychologist Samuel Widmer, who had a special government license to legally practice psycholytic psychotherapy with the constructive use of LSD and MDMA in human subjects between 1988 and 1994, gave an interesting answer as to why these substances are not legally available any longer. He shared his opinion during an interview I filmed in Potsdam, Germany, and the following is a translation.

“The medical arguments are that there are not enough clear human studies and that there is not enough proof that these substances are not damaging, but the real reasons are of course political in nature. These substances that were used fell into dispute and to heal the image that they have today is a societal process that must be completed. Behind this hides also something more profound. 

  Basically, these substances [LSD and MDMA] create fear. They are looked upon as something dangerous, because when humans profoundly change and heal to solve dependencies, etc., then it’s to be expected that they [the people having used them] no longer agree with the current power structures of the world and thus no longer fit in. If citizens would principally let these substances into their lives, the world would change! That could be really dangerous to the current power and political structures. 

  The individuals who sit in the corresponding positions [the politicians] feel this instinctively and they do not want to have this [scenario] unfolding. In this sense they are also right. Legalizing psychedelic substances would be perilous for them and their [power] structures.” 

Watch the full interview at:

  The necessary change in the political and financial power structure is exactly what we need today. We can’t afford atomic annihilation or be misguided any longer by unwise leaders who assume authority in a dysfunctional and temporary system. We must learn how to be tolerant and respect each other’s sacred ways! Each person should be encouraged to learn how to define their own quest for freedom and take full responsibility for all actions that intertwine our Karmic destiny! We don’t need babysitting by authoritarian regimes any longer who define man-made laws when the cosmic law is inherent to our basic nature that we can all learn how to feel when we make awakening a priority, versus growing the GDP! We have a responsibility to throw the element of uncertainty into the equation that would alter the course of our foreseeable and calculable future so that we are not doomed, as Hawking suggests, unless we find another planet!



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