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* The following are excerpts from Transcendental Journeys – A Visionary Quest for Freedom, a book by Omananda


In my travels around the world, I have observed that human beings are not sufficiently conscious enough (yet) to implement some basic, although necessary, changes to move collectively into a peaceful space of oneness. To thrive in abundance, we have to simplify our lives greatly and create the conscious shift in perspective that is required today. Removing the obstacles to the process of awakening would enable us to freely share our beneficial technologies for the use and happiness of all living beings. Surely, many technologies already exist today for us now to embody the principles of love, compassion, empathy, and common sense so that we could support cooperative, sustainable and biodynamic Eden-style farming all over the earth. We have to raise our individual and collective consciousness to create more clean conservation zones of scarce resources and preserve the large swaths of untouched nature that still exist in many portions of our outstanding planet. We are Mother Earth! She has the capacity to recuperate and regenerate, and so do we, if we give her a chance to. Instead of trying to mold nature according to our desires that are a clear expression of our misunderstanding about the world (thinking that we are separate from all that is), we should really learn how to take care of the environment that has created us in the first place!

We see more famine, disease and the extinction of entire species because we are hurting our planet, when we are actually part of the earth! Most human beings believe that they can claim ownership over parts of the earth and other sentient beings. That is so ludicrous to me! Humanity looks for other planets because we are destroying our very home! Nothing in the universe can save us. We have to save the creatures in the universe from us — a completely gone haywire species! The first step in my humble opinion, as an earthling, is to save earth and change our ruthless behavior.

We have given money the highest priority. Amongst the billions of sentient beings on this beautiful earth, every single life counts as much as yours or mine, not in terms of financial value as consumers and taxpayers, but in the eye of the beholder! Once born, every living being is part of the large organism here on earth and wants to thrive and not be exploited. We are all here for a reason other than making money and paying bills to a system that is designed to profit a few.

The day the majority of people unite as one human family to protect the rights of planet earth will be the day that marks the change we have all been waiting for. But as long as we keep waiting for that day to come and go on about our normal business, either negatively pointing out signs of doomsday, or thinking that positive change might come from politicians and law enforcement instead, nothing much will really change for the better. Change has to come from within you, and each and every one of us (including myself)! If the human species, which means you, I, and the majority of everyone else, doesn’t manage to shift energetically in time and create a harmonious balance among each other and within ourselves, between the men and women, the mind and heart, the internal and external subjectively perceived reality, it is just a matter of time before humanity will annihilate itself as a result of man’s stupidity and greed.

Ruthless, heartless, criminally minded, profit-oriented, and self-centered people holding powerful positions have prevented sustainable technologies from succeeding on our planet that could have been implemented decades ago. Geniuses like Nikola Tesla foresaw us living in abundance on Earth, filled with love and cosmic consciousness and without the idea that everything has to be for sale. But his laboratory was burned to the ground and his research papers stolen! Today, women are still fighting not to get abused by men and a lot of people have to struggle for the basics, like access to clean drinking water! The task of removing outdated paradigms seems humongous when everybody holding onto power does so largely as a result of the illusion of separation. Being Love and sharing unlimited and unmeasurable amounts of it has always been, and always will be, the final solution and answer to all of humanities, often self-inflicted, problems that obviously result from the lack of compassion, or love in action.

But do we have enough time to change the prevailing paradigm from fear and scarcity to love and abundance? Leading theoretical physicist, cosmologist, and bestselling author Stephen Hawking does not think so. Based on our common laws and social order, I would have to agree with him, but there is something else that might change the course of our foreseeable future. I hope so!


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