Rise or drown!

As people will try to rise against the increasingly tightening measures to control the “pandemic,” police gets forcibly stronger in their response to “protect” the [...]

Visualize this!

Imagine the lotus (flower) blooming from the inside your heart with a jewel at the center of your starbeing – radiating outwardly, spreading peace, love, and joy everywhere. That’s what [...]

The Omananda Show

To describe the Workshop/Presentation Omananda shares some of his magical experiences as a three decades world-traveler in this entertaining & inspiring show . There will be interludes of [...]

First Ecstatic Dance Oslo (review)

I can’t believe it has already been three weeks since I left Norway. How time flies when you have fun! My departure from Scandinavia was scheduled so that I could experience the first ecstatic [...]

Love Rules

Love Rules!   We are all governed by a few cosmic (hermetic) principles. When we follow these, life’s gonna be more than alright. But if we ignore them and try to swim upstream, [...]

My view on politics

My views on politics are as follows: When I was a child I lived in East Germany where the communist party won the elections with an overwhelming majority of 96%, every time! I wanted to be free [...]

Living in Paradise

One of my close relatives acted weird when it came to finding super-spots for sunsets while she visited me in Madeira. She seemed almost allergic to the spectral light of the star, loudly [...]

Wild Chaga Extract

The mysterious journey of how I started to manufacture Wild Chaga Extract around 2011 is more than interesting. Friends I considered experts in alternative healing had told me about a polypore [...]

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