Being a millionaire, totally liberated, or both?

Being a billionaire or being totally libreated, or both, is that even a question to ask? Most underprivileged people won’t have the option to become financially independent in their lifetime. The majority of people are conditioned to limiting beliefs that tell them that they can’t get out of the rat-race. Most people are stuck to an 8hr+/day job for their entire lives. Those who’ve made it have money or their products work for them, in an automated process, but they often have worked hard to get there too, contrary to the majority of people’s (self-limiting) believes.

The Shwedagon Pagoda in Myanmar (pic above) has 18 Metric tons of Pure Gold on top of it.

A vision is essential prior to manifesting your dream(s). Sticking to that dream-vision and acting accordingly in all situations creates the path that leads to completion. Working out a plan and following it, prior to freeing your body, mind, and spirit, also requires complex research and development. Not being ready when life pushes you into action and waiting in limbo until whatever happens is really a waste of time and energy and not a strategy worth pursuing. So, what are you waiting for if you feel that you need to change your life?
Do you want to become rich and if so, in heart, spirit, your bank account, or all of the above? Because your desires will likely determine the direction of your life and your future! Your desires are often reactions to the sensual stimuli of your environment and the interpretations in your mind that are also psychologically conditioned programs. The environment is anything that enters through any of your sense-organs, or extrasensory perceptions. Karma is nothing else, but the patterns in your body, mind and in your world that give you the impulses to think, speak and act.

I recently learned from some Russian friends that they have a saying in Russia: “Don’t be a dealer. Be a leader.” Dealer here refers to people selling stuff for other people, trading their lifetime and compromising on their soul-mission, commonly because of money that most of us need to live.
It’s really not a good situation to be stuck in occupying your mind with having to think about where the money (in your life) comes from, but we all have to do it to some degree or another, or remember how we had to do it.
Most people who come from middle-class families often think that what they label as rich people have it easy. Often, billionaires don’t! But the privileged people have an education that teaches them how to maintain, manage. and expand their wealth. What about Moksha though? What about Nirvana? What about Enlightenment? How and where does that come into play?

Omananda in Nepal, 1995

Spiritual illumination originates from the ultimate desire that makes space for nature to take its course. It’s destiny that comes after all material desires have been fulfilled. For someone who’s managed to be on the top of the financial food-chain, it’s only a matter of time until the realization strikes – that money can’t buy happiness, or love. And we ALL want to be loved and happy and for that happiness and love to last.
So, the meager chances for you to become a millionaire are there, but it might take you an entire lifetime to get there. What you can take with you in the end when you die after being wealthy is not much. If however, you aimed to liberate completely, what you take with you on your journey, if you managed to fully liberate, is priceless!
What you really want for yourself might have been pre-programmed from the beginning of time, or it just comes from adverts. It can also be a reaction to what you have done in the past. What is the outcome and what is the source of all creation is also our natural state that gives us the solutions for our often self-created problems that we collectively face in the world and the dramas we create in our daily lives.
In the sutras it is stated that when spiritual alignment happens in a person, this individual also attracts physical abundance in their lives. This is what the Sri Yantra is all about. The Hindu Goddess Lakshmi is depicted having money coming from her hands.

The hands are a symbolism that execute what’s in the mind (vision). Hands are also strong healing applicators. They have energy come out of them and money is a form of material energy. The way we collect, direct, and redistribute money, or energy, shapes our world.
So, being financially free, a money magnet and a spiritually aligned person at the same time is not only a question worth asking about how to do. It’s a necessity in one’s life to complete this vital part in the game of life and to unriddle it. At least that’s the conclusion I came to after nearly thirty years of trodding the spiritual path as a nomad on this beautiful planet EARTH – our home.

Happy New Years to all of you & so much love from Omananda ~


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