I love writing and sharing what I know by heart. The latest book I wrote was created in Panama during the oh-so-ridiculous man-made measures towards the attempted slowdown of the coronavirus pandemic, which keeps us still under complete lockdown here in Central America.

Going out of the house is only possible three times per week for an hour, or two. Who violates it gets thrown into jail. Facemasks are always mandatory on the streets, or you can be fined with a $500 punishment. All international travel is impossible until July. And who knows what the future holds? No clear plan for ending the draconian measures has been announced. The locals say the government is corrupt and wants to use this pandemic as an opportunity to get as much international support-money as possible so they can pocket it. I don’t know if that’s true. I feel the concern of those stranded people who are without shelter, without food, safe drinking water, information, or perspective. Are the governments that claim to contain the virus with harsh measures and punishments guilty of creating more suffering by shutting down the economies and enforcing prohibitions like gathering in groups and enjoying life? Or are the politicians really trying to protect the people and maybe they are doing their best? It’s hard to know the answer to these questions. 

I had a dream ten days ago of Amazon (the website) rejecting my book. Those prophetic dreams never fail to deliver (the truth). They did censor it. Although, nothing in this book could be misleading the public. Perhaps, the title itself is too bold? I knew I took a big risk by calling it: Coronalization – The Ultimate Self-Help Guide for the Viral Pandemic. Thankfully, Amazon is not the only online book shop, although the monster-site makes up for 40% of the eBook market, which is a big junk I am missing out on. So, I focus on others, like iBooks, Google-Play, Barnes and Nobles, Kobo, and all the websites that take it into their virtual shelves – the list is growing. 

The following information page of Coronalization has all relevant links to the audiobook and eBook. It can be shared on all networks. 

Coronalization helps people to unify in this crisis and it encourages us all to come together in love, to transcend our fears, and to move on with a hopeful vision of a fruitful and abundant future. The eBook and audiobook offers self-help in times of crisis during viral pandemics. It lists scientifically natural antiviral methods for boosting immunity and encourages personal transformation through a myriad of possibilities. Coronalization is void of conspiracy theories. I decided to stay away from vaccines and fear-mongering. The focus of this book is on how to create more unity and unconditionally love each other and all life, without a hidden agenda. 

What I can offer you is to download my book for free for a short amount of time – until May 31st 2020, and if you like it, you can pay for it at the shop of my website. You can use the 100%-off coupon code. If you pay, consider that a donation. 

The 100% discount coupon code on the Omananda shop is for the eBook and audiobook of Coronalization. 


I appreciate all honest reflections on this book, and if you really feel it contains crucial information, consider sharing it with friends on your preferred social networks. This can increase the momentum of the book’s message exponentially and get it into the reader’s hands in the real world. If you are a member of Goodreads, share it there, please. Encourage your friends to share it too. Thank you. 

The coupon expires on May 31st 2020. Use it during check out, or pay. It’s up to you. If you want to get it on any of the websites that carry it already, check out this link:

With love, Omananda

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